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  1. davone

    No lights at daytime

    Ok no problem, yes of course dynamic lights are always enabled, so no possibility to have lights on ground at daytime ! I hope in a future update...
  2. davone

    No lights at daytime

    You will not be confused with the 777 ?? I want to know about 737 NGX !
  3. davone

    No lights at daytime

    Like This ?
  4. davone

    No lights at daytime

    Ok thanks, but i just see a section about CABIN LIGHTS, i don't think is that ?
  5. davone

    No lights at daytime

    Thanks for your back, I will be really interested to see where in the manual it is indicated 🙂 ?
  6. davone

    No lights at daytime

    Hi, i use P3DV4 but i don't understand why only with this aircraft we never can't see lights illuminate ground at daytime ? Can we hope that this is possible someday like all others aircrafts ? 😉 18h41 in the cockpit no lights on ground : 18h56 in the cockpit, lights on ground OK !
  7. Hi Airbus A340 Pilot, do you resolved your problem ? I have the same with EDDM ! Thanks for your help :)
  8. Hi KNOSSOS, thank you for your answer, i have do that but not working with Ezdok : Shader Ok in Outside View Spot : But not working in Ezdok views :
  9. Hi, i have try PTA in my P3D V.3.2 all works perfectly except with Ezdok Cam View though i have checked in custom Shader ? Thanks for your help :smile: