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  1. Do not worry - I can assure you if your V1 failed within 6 months of delivery I will replace it with V2 free of charge. Nobby
  2. Hi guys FO tillers now in production! Go to cat3design.com to purchase.
  3. Hi everyone The FO edition should be ready for production in a few days time - thanks for those who pre-ordered. We had a customer who wanted B777 color skin instead of the standard Airbus one, and we found appropriate faux leather for it! Let us know if you want that option in the note when you place your order! Also, we intend to do some live VATSIM flights using Cat3Design Tiller and real world SOP. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3cCw9XmJ2AEmT5a8isC0yw if you are interested. Nobby
  4. Hi polosim No it is not unfortunately - I'm sure there are other products that have this function if you are willing to pay a little more though. As you would no doubt know in real aircraft it doesn't light up unless you genuinely forget to lower the gear on landing blow 750RA. Probably the most common way to see it during your initial type rating/recurrent training is when you experience a dual RA failure and forgot to lower the gear before selecting Flaps 3.
  5. Hi everyone Just a reminder that the 10% off promo code "AVSIM10" is valid until 23:59 AEST 30th April for any purchases you make on cat3design.com 🙂
  6. I did a quick research on the compatibility as I don’t use MSFS (at least yet). It seems as though it does not have a dedicated steering axis therefore any attempt to simulate a realistic tiller may be met with difficulties...
  7. I'm glad to see the units landing in the hands of happy customers! As a thanks to the community, we are offering a special discount code for all AVSIM users. Use promocode "AVSIM10" to get your 10% off discount. But better hurry, offer ends 30th April 2021! (Cannot be used with any other offers) Steer to cat3design.com today! Nobby
  8. Hi rob Glad your tiller got there safely. As you correctly noted it is hand crafted and as such it does have that feeling. Thanks for the observations. Just so that you know the real a320 centre button does turn freely which I simulated in this unit (I never knew why). The four way switch does have a very small play as you noted, and it is the limitation of the switch module itself which unfortunately I have no control over. It shouldn’t affect you switching views though. It will take a little bit of practice to get used to it but I find it very useful looking around during taxiing. Here is a quick video I shot of the real pedal disco button. https://youtube.com/shorts/N9SSnVcQ4Zs?feature=share
  9. It should work with any sim PROVIDED it has has the ability to facilitate nose wheel steering axis input
  10. Hi guys a series of tiller setup tutorial videos are now available! Visit Cat3design.com and goto Video tutorials section.
  11. Hi Rob For infoThe last shipment to the US took 3-4 weeks.
  12. Here’s an independent review posted by a user on FSL forum https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/28613-cat3design-tiller-feedback/
  13. Hi guys Nobby from CAT3DESIGN here. Due to the COVID pandemic we are experiencing major shopping delays. For reference one product we sent to the US took approximately 3 weeks to arrive. If you wish to get your unit quicker by using other means (eg FEDEX), let me know by emailing me at support@cat3design.com We are making a YouTube video to guide you through the setting up of your tiller unit so stay tuned! YouTube.com/cat3design Cheers and beers Nobby
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