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  1. As an en-route controller I can say, 'Yes, text can be frustrating.' but it is also helpful. I know that there are pilots who may not understand an instruction. In fact yesterday I had a pilot PM me saying, 'you Yanks talk fast.' When I know that a pilot is having difficulty understanding a voice instruction I always follow up with text. For controllers alias commands are your best tools -> use them. I have had great text only pilots who fly better than voice pilots and I sign their praises loudly. Whether you are a text pilot or voice pilot remember the pilot's mantra - AVIATE, NAVIGATE, COMMUNICATE. I need you to execute your maneuver when I release the PTT. Waiting an additional 10 seconds for a read back wastes critical time especially when working aircraft on a final approach vector. For example, the pilot should know that the next instruction will turn him onto the localizer. Don't fly through the localizer because you took too long to read back. [I am off my soap box now] Cheers
  2. morkunas

    Airports Tab hangs program - CTD

    Sorry Maarten, still no joy. Here is the link to my log file. All the other tabs work fine as demonstrated in the video. It is when I click the airports tab that the program stalls. AndrewM PS: Interesting development. After posting this I tried the program again. Tally Ho - it works. Thank you for your patience and support of the flightsim community. AndrewM
  3. Installed the latest version and when I select the Airports Tab the program hangs. When selecting the tab again the program crashes. I did delete the SimlauncherX folder in my Documents and a fresh install. Still no joy. AndrewM
  4. morkunas

    KEWR updated scenery

    Version 2.0 Updates Q stops at W Y crosses 22R-4L and joins with P M stops at R Corrected various taxiway sign errors Increased the size of taxiway signs at key intersections Added proper hold short stripping across wide curved taxiways Removed short control tower in BALLPARK Corrected control tower location to actual lat/long position and updated object to correct KEWR tower depiction. Get it here -
  5. morkunas

    KEWR updated scenery

    KEWR - Newark Liberty International Airport This is an update of the stock KEWR airport from P3D that corrects taxiway designations and intersection locations. I used Google Earth to validate the location of taxiway intersections and manually inputted the lat/long locations. I also updated taxiway designators to the current scheme. Also added was signage to designate the WILBUR, AMELIA, LINDY and BALL PARK areas. I was unable to reconcile the current FAA airport diagram with Google Earth as the imagery date is 6/17/2010. As such some taxi ways do not follow the diagram exactly. Taxiway discrepancies: C not included P2 not included P3 not included Q crosses Y and joins with R Y joins directly to M Y does not cross 22R-4L and does not join with P New York Airports X by Drzewiecki Designs has the latest scenery for ZNY airports. However looking at the free demo of KEWR I have seen that taxiway designators are following the old scheme. An easy check, the three taxiways joining at the end of 4L should be AA, BB and CC. I tested this file with FSX and P3DV2. After many hours I think I have everything correct except as noted in the discrepancies. This is version 1.0 so let me know what needs to be updated. Andrew KEWR scenery file: Place the file in your ..\Addon Scenery\scenery directory
  6. I am using this add on with X-Plane 10 64 and it works great. What is even better is its integration with AirFMC for the iPad. Now you can break out the controls from the screen to a separate device and actually use the buttons from the iPad.
  7. I just finished a parsing routine in Gambas3 that reads FSX flight plans and generates the XML code. I am sure there are still bugs but so far it seems to do the trick. Flight plans I generated on simroutes for FSX converted without a hitch. Now it has been a while since I have coded so it is not the prettiest code in the world but it does the job. If anyone is interested let me know. Andrew
  8. morkunas

    Simroutes Down?

    Yes, I believe it is down for everyone. I was not able to access on 140406 2030Z. Andrew