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  1. As an en-route controller I can say, 'Yes, text can be frustrating.' but it is also helpful. I know that there are pilots who may not understand an instruction. In fact yesterday I had a pilot PM me saying, 'you Yanks talk fast.' When I know that a pilot is having difficulty understanding a voice instruction I always follow up with text. For controllers alias commands are your best tools -> use them. I have had great text only pilots who fly better than voice pilots and I sign their praises loudly. Whether you are a text pilot or voice pilot remember the pilot's mantra - AVIATE, NAVIGATE, COMMUNICATE. I need you to execute your maneuver when I release the PTT. Waiting an additional 10 seconds for a read back wastes critical time especially when working aircraft on a final approach vector. For example, the pilot should know that the next instruction will turn him onto the localizer. Don't fly through the localizer because you took too long to read back. [I am off my soap box now] Cheers
  2. Airports Tab hangs program - CTD

    Sorry Maarten, still no joy. Here is the link to my log file. All the other tabs work fine as demonstrated in the video. It is when I click the airports tab that the program stalls. AndrewM PS: Interesting development. After posting this I tried the program again. Tally Ho - it works. Thank you for your patience and support of the flightsim community. AndrewM
  3. Installed the latest version and when I select the Airports Tab the program hangs. When selecting the tab again the program crashes. I did delete the SimlauncherX folder in my Documents and a fresh install. Still no joy. AndrewM