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  1. Im not 100% sure but I think that it may be something that happened when the graphics demands got too high. I have dialed everything down a bit (including AA in the DX10 fixer), and it hasnt happened since M
  2. Hi I just bought the dx10 fixer and am unsure what sort of anti aliasing I should use, and what I should then set in nvidia inspector. Any clues would be useful. I have a 780ti graphics card. Thanks in advance Mat
  3. I didnt have those options. Must be something that has recently installed that is causing it. Will have to go back through logs - might be a Windows update thing as Ive seen a few people reporting this suddenly
  4. Ah. I seldom run anything in the background, other than REX
  5. Hi all I decided to try DX10 now I have a better pc and card, and have also installed the paid version of DX10 fixer. Generally very happy, but I get these random moments when the sim carries on running but minimises and then returns in windowed mode. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Mat
  6. MatOakley

    Getting FSX to run on 8.1 windows!

    Ill give it a try, thought the crashes seldom seem to relate to using menus. How do i know which version I need?
  7. MatOakley

    Getting FSX to run on 8.1 windows!

    I've definitely had more crashes to desktop with Windows 8 than I had with Windows 7. Still trying to work out why and what the fix is. On balance I'd say stay with Windows 7
  8. MatOakley

    ATC callsign

    Oh, never seen that option - will give it a try. Thanks!
  9. Apologies for what is probably a very basic question, but how do i get FSX ATC to use a callsign for this plane all I get is ", cleared to land" etc. Thanks in advance Mat
  10. Ahhhh "opening the bios", sounds very like the black arts to me! Is that something Id do as the pc starts up by pressing f12 or whatever it briefly says when it boots? Yours newbily Mat
  11. MatOakley

    Windows 8 Users

    I had regular CTD's in 8.1 until i turned the framerate limiter to off. They usually occurred when using menus while flying. Havent installed the UIAUTOMATIONCORE.DLL
  12. jcomm - weirdly I have the same issue with my 780ti, but this is with a new pc with it installed from construction.