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  1. Thanks for the clarification about the dll's, however they where never the problem. The fault lied with "xSquawkbox" plugin for some reason. Removed it and now everything works as intended, anyhow thanks for sublime support on the matter 🙂
  2. Also, are there any plugins that will absolutely not work with MCE? Here is a list of current plugins The error i receive.
  3. I did not copy over manually. When I load in MCE i still get the error saying i'm missing dll files, but my copilot is this there and some commands work like gear and flaps. What does not work is giving headings, altitude, radio freq and such. I will give it another try with manually coping over 64 bit files. Do i need to have the 32 bit folder?
  4. Hi and thanks for quick reply. I did indeed have xmczibo737.dll and it's 40 dll's in total I have also tried reinstalling and I was following the correct installed method pinned in the MCE forum. Keep up the good work, great product.
  5. X-plane 11.34 and latest zibo 3.34. It will tell me MCE DLL's are missing All other supported aircraft's are fine. I understand It's constantly under changes and pretty much beta so just leaving this here as a bug ticket.
  6. Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm just dying of anticipation here. Would it be rude of me to ask how far away the next update is? Happy weekend.
  7. Thanks pmdg team for the clarification on the subject, and thanks to all others for their informative insights with flight dynamics across the different platforms. Interesting read.
  8. Hearing some talk through different streams and forums that the dc6 overrides x-plane's flight model and utilizes it's own, based on fsx/p3d engine to make a future port easy. Is this really the case? Did i just buy another train simulation? :-(
  9. Hi and thanks for this amazing product, I'm enjoying it to bits. Now that there are so many new x-plane releases, are there any updates for them on the horizon?
  10. Flyjsim 1.1508.1036 X-plane 10.40 The "prepare aircraft" flow has errors in the first few scripted actions. Also in the before taxi checklist there is a flaw when copilot ask about Engine start levers. He sets to cutoff if you answer idle detent.
  11. Excellent! Mr. Bill is going to get real busy from now on :-D
  12. Thanks, will Bill here get a voice in rc4 as well? So we don't get the intruder voice..
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