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  1. Aircraftfreak1

    HELP! Majestic q400 Outside Texture Issue!

    Ok I will try that. Thanks
  2. Aircraftfreak1

    HELP! Majestic q400 Outside Texture Issue!

    So I have talked to majestic support and thy have told me to clear up shader cache. So I did an when I start fsx I get a black screen where you can view the airplane before you start the flight and when I click "details" on all my planes in the selection menu. As well when I start the flight I get a black screen. I have read some forums and several people had the problem where fsx changed the fsx.cfg resolution causing some screen problems. So I will try going into the fsx.cfg and seeing if the resolution is changed. Any other suggestions?? Thanks guys for all your help! Cole
  3. Aircraftfreak1

    HELP! Majestic q400 Outside Texture Issue!

    I do not have highmemfix in my .cfg
  4. Aircraftfreak1

    HELP! Majestic q400 Outside Texture Issue!

    I have acceleration
  5. I have just installed my Majestic q400 (Newly purchased). I installed it with my directX up to date, and with administrator rights. Onece installation was complete, I opened FSX and selected the ACE (Air Canada Express) livery and noticed that something was very wrong. The texture was "see-through". None of the physical hard Fuselage was showing and I could physically see through one side to the other. I could see the seats, and all the inside cabin features, and windows, but i non of the fuselage colour was there and non of the air canada express writing either. as well, none of the wings, or tail section was showing. But, the props were. I looked at other variations of the Q4 and they were the same. I tried a fresh install, of the plane, but to no help. I don't like this because the is pretty much 60$ ftp something that isn't what majestic said it was. My system has more that enough capability to run it. Has anyone else had this problem?!?! PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks Guys, Cole