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  1. crtalcott

    FSX Scenery Config Editor

    Yes, the file is there. what do I do with it?
  2. crtalcott

    FSX Scenery Config Editor

    Error message is " Path Does Not Exist".
  3. crtalcott

    FSX Scenery Config Editor

    I am wondering if i can piggy back on this discussion. I too have problems SCE. I tried to follow the instructions given, but I must confess I am lost. My situation is this. SCE is recognizing my scenery, but giving me a "Path " error. I have a large Mega Scenery library that is housed on an external hard drive. I am running FSX-SE, with FSX removed. I think I have removed all of the FSX files, but I cannot be sure. With this configuration, could someone give me the correct Path to enter into SCE so that it recognizes the correct path. FSX-SE and all related files are on Hard Drive C. Scenery on Hard Drive H.
  4. crtalcott


    Still not sure how this works. I have the program installed and it does recognize my scenery files. Using FSX-SE by the way. I have a large amount of Photoscenery installed (MegaSceneryEarth). This causes FSX-SE to take a long time when loading a flight. What I want to do is create scenery groups, i.e. "Midwest USA", Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, etc. and then have only those files load when starting an FSX flight. If I am correct, to do this, I must: 1. Move the files I want included in the group to the Destination side. 2. Name the Group in the Search Box. 3. Save the Group. When I want to fly in the "Midwest" Group area, I need to: 1. Open the group via Launch pad. 2. Select the group "MIdwest". 3. Press Launch and the "Midwest" group only will load in FSX.. Do I have the procedure correct? Sorry, but I am one of those guys that needs a step by step guide.