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  1. I'm still flying it, and love it. As said, when you know the aircraft weaks and learn how to operate this bird it is really enjoyable. Things get even better with the GTN 750 mod installed.
  2. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8zhc3Std94 Route looks like this: Switserland -> UK -> Iceland -> USA
  3. Thanks Christopher, your little tutorial did it for me. Just made my first good flight, well allmost, the glideslope didn't work but I call it progress! Question, how do I select radio 1 or 2? And where can I set the transponder on? (the standby and charlie mode).
  4. Thanks for the quick reply's. Just bought the Hawker 850 and will also soon buy the GTN 750. Awesome combination!
  5. This looks awesome! But before spending 100$ dollar to this ($50 for the Hawker and $50 for the GTN 750) I have a few questions. How is the perfmormance with the GTN 750, is it frame rate friendly? Or will it consume very much frames? And to be sure, is it now possible with this little extra to fly confidently ILS approaches and follow exactly the flight plan from the GTN? I really would like to buy this beautifull two products but I most be sure that I am buying something that works. Thank you.
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