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  1. adamapples

    Dome lighting in X Plane

    Thanks very much Twiggys! I'm trying to eventually go keyboardless / mouseless but this doesn't seem to have a work around. Thanks for the tip
  2. Def keen on the improved and accurate scenery thing. As a VFR pilot in Australia, it's hard navigating around without landmarks; lakes and roads aside...
  3. Does anybody know if the dome lighting can be assigned to a key? I've seriously spent the last couple of hours scouring the key / joystick assignments to assign the Dome light, but to no avail. I have DataRefEditor but unless you know what you're actually looking for, this is like a needle in a hay stack .. I ultimately want to bind it to my Saitek Switch panel but can't even find the command in the first place. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!