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  1. This is awesome. I'm wrapping up some MSFS stuff but DCS was up next on my roadmap so I'll likely take you up on the beta offer via email in a few days. You mentioned the jscript/vbscript addition only working with MSFS beta but does that still apply now that SU14 is released?
  2. I used this example code from the PDF manual for AAO to help me figure out how to do it. You can expand this to have even more positions. It's in section 5, scripting. "Example: handling an LVar that can have three values 0, 1 and 2. This simulates a three-state switch cycling 0-1-2-1-0-1-2... with every click of a button – The script is in the group „Pattern“ and has been called „Lvar_0_1_2_1_0“ – The code of the script is using two parameters, param1 is the LVar being handled, param2 is a local LVar storing the direction in which the switch is moving (0 = up, 1 = down) (param1)·s0· (param2)·s1· l0·0·==·if{·l1·0·==·if{·1·s2·}·els{·1·s2·}·0·s1·}· l0·1·==·if{·l1·0·==·if{·2·s2·}·els{·0·s2·}·}· l0·2·==·if{·l1·0·==·if{·1·s2·}·els{·1·s2·}·1·s1·}· l2·(>param1)· l1·(>param2)·" and this was the more specific actual code shown for a 3 position fuel switch. "(L:SWS_FUEL_Switch_Pump_1, Enum)·s0· (L:SwitchFPDir)·s1· l0·0·==·if{·l1·0·==·if{·1·s2·}·els{·1·s2·}·0·s1·}· l0·1·==·if{·l1·0·==·if{·2·s2·}·els{·0·s2·}·}· l0·2·==·if{·l1·0·==·if{·1·s2·}·els{·1·s2·}·1·s1·}· l2·(>L:SWS_FUEL_Switch_Pump_1, Enum)· l1·(>L:SwitchFPDir)" On the streamdeck, I have it setup for each press cycling the switch and reading the variable set to set the status of the switch icon. This works too if you expand it for rotary switches i.e. the caravan volt meter is a 4 way and the weather radar on the Blacksquare planes is a 7 way.
  3. I went back and carefully re-read your earlier post in this thread and I see my code is basically the same except I forgot to try (SIMPROC) with it. I'll test and see what happens. EDIT: lol I also carefully re-read MY earlier post where I forgot I actually solved this. This bus index thing is breaking my brain. Thanks for the help, your tool is a life saver!
  4. Thanks for the help, this idea should work but I've run into a snag trying to implement it. I've also run across this same issue when trying to use BUS LOOKUP on figuring out switch status to match the stream deck. As per the above, I'm able to toggle circuit breakers and some switches with: 6·3·(>K:2:ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_BUS_CONNECTION_TOGGLE) I'm assuming it's updating the bool status of the connection with a 1 or a 0 and I can see switch movement and other annunciator alerts for this particular toggle so I know it's doing something. I tried using the code to get the status of this variable by writing it to L:AAO_status63 but the value never changes. 6·(>A:BUS·LOOKUP·INDEX,·Number)·(A:BUS·CONNECTION·ON:3,·Bool)·(>L:AAO_status63,·number) I've tried L:AAO_status63,·number, L:AAO_status63,·bool and just writing to L:AAO_status63 and no luck. I'm using one of your TextGauge addons to read and display the variable for troubleshooting this. Am I way off base with my scripting to query the status?
  5. I'm working with two airplanes at the moment. The JPL/WBSim Cessna 152 and the BlackSquare Analog C208. I'd guess that any of the BKSQ airplanes work the same in case you have something other than the Caravan. I pulled the BUS/Circuits from AnalogCaravan.xml file. On the C152, I have scripts to trip and reset the circuit breaker. This example is for the Strobe Light. I can call the script as normal in the stream deck, no issues here. 5·1·(>K:2:ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_BUS_CONNECTION_TOGGLE) Because this on BUS 1, CIRCUIT 5, reading only A:BUS·CONNECTION·ON:5,·Bool in the stream deck works to find the status because it assumes BUS 1 without any other parameters. This is OK because all the breakers in this plane are on BUS 1. I have an OnOff button created with my toggle script in the Write Event boxes with 1 being on and 0 being off. My read variable is A:BUS·CONNECTION·ON:5. This works great and I can trip/reset the breakers and the stream deck is getting the current value from the sim. If I manually trip it in the sim with the mouse, the stream deck will update the status. In the Analog Caravan, it's a more complex plane so there are more circuits. I have identified all the circuit breakers in the plane and are able to trip and reset them from the stream deck with a similar script. This script trips and resets the breaker in Row 3, Column 5 for the OIL TEMP. 19·4·(>K:2:ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_CIRCUIT_CONNECTION_TOGGLE) This one however, is on BUS 4. CIRCUIT 19 so I can't just query the status with A:BUS·CONNECTION·ON:19 as it assumes BUS 1. I need to pass the BUS number to it first with this code: 4·(>A:BUS·LOOKUP·INDEX,·Number)·(A:BUS·CONNECTION·ON:19,·Bool) As part of figuring this out, I also created a script based on a previous post of yours that I found that was the code you suggested: (SIMPROC) 4 (>A:BUS LOOKUP INDEX, Number) (A:BUS CONNECTION ON:19, Bool) (>L:R3C5Status, Number) I can trip/reset the breaker with this code and use L:R3C5Status, Number as my read variable which works great on the stream deck as long as it's the only thing toggling the circuit breaker. If I trip it with a mouse click or I execute a script with 1·(>H:BKSQ_FAILURE_OIL_TEMP_GAUGE) to trigger a system failure, the status of the breaker doesn't update on the stream deck. I appreciate your help!
  6. I'm puzzled at how to solve this and was hoping you might have an answer. I'm trying to get the status of circuits in MSFS to show up on a streamdeck. To find the BUS CONNECTION status, you need to pass a BUS LOOKUP INDEX to it first. I can read the A:BUS·CONNECTION·ON var but without passing the LOOKUP INDEX first, it assumes it's always BUS 1. This actually works fine for me on one plane that has everything on BUS 1. I'm trying to implement this on something more complex though and can't figure out having streamdeck use other BUS values. I can get a status using a local variable but only if I toggle from streamdeck. It gets out of sync (expectedly) as the sim doesn't update that local var. Is what I'm trying to do possible?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I understand on the copyright concerns. I'll ask the original author or I might remake the icons myself.
  8. I made some progress on this but I'm still stuck. I downloaded your Stream Deck profile editor thinking maybe I could get to them that way. When I click on a Gauge icon (in this case, a SliderGuage) I can see under the section "Action settings" a field named slideimg. When I hover my mouse over the giant data:image/png text entry, I see a very tiny popup of the images used on this slider, in this case it appears to be three toggle switches in different states next to each other to make a 1x3 image. I want to change this to a multigauge for toggle states as that makes more sense for me, not sure why it was done as a slider. In the meantime, I'll poke at this more tomorrow to see if this tool can do what I want. EDIT: Maybe multiguage images do save but slidergauge images don't because the web server doesn't support that kind of gauge? An easy solution for me (says the guy that didn't code the tool) would be to see the image at 100% size instead of the small version I see now. I'd be ok with using the snip tool.
  9. When I add a png or jpg images to a MultiGuage, SliderGuage, etc. where do they get stored and are those retrievable? I know for regular icons in a downloaded Stream Deck profile, I can unzip the profile and it will show me all the icons. It doesn't seem to be revealing the other images in the profile used in your gauges. I would find it useful to be able to access those images as many of the pre-built profiles using your scripts on various sites utilize those kinds of gauges. I'd like to be able to troubleshoot certain ones that aren't working right and maybe re-do the layers or making edits to the icons for my use but I'd need all the images they setup for the gauge via the image definitions. Any ideas on if I can pull these out of the profile?
  10. Perfect! Thank you! I saw the old way was depreciated but I would have never guessed it was this easy. I didn't try this. For some reason on my THQ6 I have to set a range of -1 to 2 for it work right given that this throttle has a physical stop in the range that you click past to get to the bottom of the movement, in this case, where I wanted the cutoff. It all works and I'm a little smarter about this tool. Thanks!
  11. Hi! I was hoping you can help me sort out a script. I've been deep diving the internet for days and trying different things before asking here for help. I'm trying to get the BKSQ Caravan to switch the condition lever depending on where the actual physical lever is set on my THQ6. I've found previous threads discussing this exact solution but it looks like it was from before the map LVars to Bvars Extras feature was depreciated so those are outdated. The setting the axis of my lever to 0 to 2 should still work given that's the variable being passed to set the position. I downloaded some various streamdeck setups when I set that up and have imported a BKSQ C208 xml which contains various vars for the condition level. I can test all the FUEL CondLever vars and they work as expected in the sim. I've tested the toggle High/Low and toggle Low/Off as well and they work too but I'm missing the last step to create a script that goes from High/Low/Off depending on the setting passed to it. What exactly does the script need to look like to solve this so I can run that script on the mixture axis with a range of 0 -2? Thanks for your help. This will will help me gain a little more understanding of how to work with other similar problems going forward.
  12. I'm bringing this thread back from the dead! Do you have any more details on this, any instructions?
  13. I know I'm bringing back an old topic but where did you end up with this?
  14. I always hate searching for info on google, finding forum posts that basically have the same problem I have and then there is no solution! Ok, maybe you don't need this anymore as it's been 3 years but I'll respond anyways for the record. I opened up KMUO in ADE to see all the stuff that's been placed. You have to open the bgl file of the airport and then import the bgl file of the objects that is in the same ORBX folder. (In the ORBX folder called FTX_NA_CRM05_SCENERY/scenery, import the airport from bgl into ADE with the file ADE_FTX_CRM_KMUO_Mountain_Home_AFB.BGL and then do an import bgl in ADE with the file FTX_CRM_objects_KMUO_PLC.bgl. Don't do anything with the file ADE_FTX_CRM_KMUO_Mountain_Home_AFB_CVX.bgl) Once you have all the objects and the airport, I clicked on the static jets and found the unique ID for that library item. I copied and pasted it into notepad. Now, I have about one solid day of figuring all this out with ADE so maybe there is a cleaner way but this worked for me. I had troubles other ways because I couldn't find certain library objects and couldn't recompile a bgl with all the stuff I needed. This is probably when someone else will jump in with the actual easier and proper way to do this. Ok, back to the process. Once you have the unique ID, I decompiled the file FTX_CRM_objects_KMUO_PLC.bgl into an XML file using something like bgl2xml. I then did a find on every instance of that unique ID in the xml and deleted the scenery object section. Repeat until they are all gone. Save the xml and then recompile it back into a bgl. Replace the old file with this new one. I like to add .OFF to the old file so I have a copy of the original as designed by ORBX. That should be it. You can use this method for any airport. I removed a bunch of B52s from Travis AFB using this as well. Hope this helped, 3 years later, or hoped it helped someone else! As for replacing the scenery totally, take a look at this post. Holger has released a patch/exclusion file that surpasses ORBX KMUO buildings when replacing with a different version of the airport. I have mine dialed in now and I'm about to go try this path though to see if I'm missing anything by having the ORBX airport completely turned off. Before I saw this, however, I had to disable the ORBX KMUO airport completely in order for the duplicate buildings to go away. Simply loading the new airport first didn't exclude them from showing up. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/34727-kmuo-mountain-home-afb-by-jim-dhaenens-compatibility-with-ftx-crm/
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