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  1. Some basics of the user interface for Mac OSx. Ability to double click to select something (i.e. a situation) Ability to delete unwanted situations Ability to output the cockpit to a second screen using the built in Mac OSX multi monitor support. Support for Syphon, so we can use tools like MadMapper to wrap the multi-projector display around curved surfaces. (Austin - take a look at what the entertainment industry do with packages such as Arkaos GrandVJ or Mediamaster. Everything is visual and we don't have to mess around with dozens of number boxes to get the geometry right - if we did we'd need a week to rig every show) Austin is supposed to be a mad Mac freak. Wouldn't think so looking at the user interface of XP (late 1990's more like)
  2. Noobie question. Is there a way to put 6 or 7 gliders low down on a ridge to simulate the kind of traffic glider pilots have to negotiate on a busy summer's day, they would need to fly fairly close to each other - say 2-3 Km
  3. Do you know why's happened to the DG1000 project