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  1. Arcturus

    Thanks for the US Navy P-8a Poseidon. :)

    No, I didn't realize that. Well, thanks for the tip and of course for the livery. This evening will be spent playing with this wonderful bird! B)
  2. Arcturus

    Thanks for the US Navy P-8a Poseidon. :)

    Thanks for the nice surprise. I would love to do a few military flights with the P-8 repaint. Btw, the Indian Navy has received six P-8I aircraft out of the eight it has on order. Some of them even took part in the search operations for MH370. It would be cool if someone could do a repaint of the P-8 in the livery of IN.
  3. Arcturus

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    Just a quick question: Will X-Plane products like the DC-6 also be managed through the PMDG Operations Center? It would be convenient to just be able to have a common interface for all cross-platform PMDG products. I'm currently using FSX:SE and P3D, and own X-Plane on Steam as well (not installed yet).
  4. Arcturus

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    Thanks for sharing this excellent news with us, RSR and PMDG! Your choice of making a DC-6 first is certainly not bad. This plane has got its own unique personality, and I look forward to explore and take it on (in XPlane and/or P3D). Keep up the good work, guys. Cheers!
  5. Arcturus

    A Guide to, Getting the most out of the PMDG 777

    I did not notice much of a difference in VAS usage, but then I'm using FSX in DX9 mode. Can't wait to try out P3D, which seems to have better VAS management (assuming you have comparable settings) and responds more favorably to such config tweaks.
  6. Arcturus

    A Guide to, Getting the most out of the PMDG 777

    That is really nice to know. I'm looking forward to see how some of your FSX/REX4 tweaks affect performance, even though I'm quite satisfied as is now. Regarding the rules requiring people to post with their full real names, I have been reading topics here for long enough to know what happens if one (intentionally or unintentionally) does not include his/her name hahaha. ^_^ Anyway, thanks again for sharing your knowledge with the community!
  7. Arcturus

    A Guide to, Getting the most out of the PMDG 777

    I have been a silent reader on this forum for many months - actually on and off for a few years. Thought I would finally break the silence by saying thanks a ton David for putting this useful guide together! I'm strongely considering moving over to P3D while the B77L is still on sale and those tips on graphics settings will definitely come in handy. Cheers!