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  1. Nihongo

    Ezdok panning

    Open your ezdoc configure. Choose Options. Choose Joystick Configuration. In my case there is then an entry for CH Flight Sim Yoke USB. Next to this tick the box Hat Switch as Button. To the right there is a box , you may have to click in it. Anyway press a button on your joystick etc to asssign. Mine is button 2 directly in front of the hat controller. When you wish to use the hat switch just press in and hold the button while using the hat switch control.
  2. Nihongo

    Windows 10/ FSX-SE/ORBX

    Just upgraded. Everything else works fine. I Just wondeering if I need to reinstall ORBX (and I have a lot) or just part ?
  3. Hi. I know its early stages for Windows 10, but I was wondering if someone could help with a scenery problem? Thw windows 10 upgarde went ok, but FSX-SE would not run. I solved this by verifying my steam files. During this process steam down loaded 270 odd missing files. Also a scenery index rebuild took place. FSX-SE then started normally ( after I let windows 10 chose compayinilty mode) but told me that Dynamic object placement (found in C:/steam/steam apps/common/fsx/ objectflow.dll) was not compatible with windows 10.. I have chosen option no to not load it and option yes to load it. No matter what i do the scenery now looks a mish mash of orbyx/basic/and peculier effects, such as Bristol Airport being on a cliff ect . I have noticed that in the orbyx file for object flow there is an exe to rebuild ? Should I use ? has anyone else had this problem ? .