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  1. Lemans

    New FS9 from Australia

    Hi, Just joined the forum in a few minutes ago. I use FS9 for years now and if I can help you don't hesitate to ask. Best regards Lemans.
  2. Hi all, As topic title reveals, I'm a long time FS9 user and like to set up a Linux based X-Plane simulator. In real life I'm a 3D CAD designer with some 'autodidact engineer skills' and I'm building a full scale airplane equipped with a fresh designed new engine. So, I like to find out how the airplane flies in X-Plane and compare this with it's behavior in the real world. I have bought X-Plane 9 a while ago and it did not perform as it should be on my old XP based Acer Aspire9410. However, today, a lot of good stuff (ex-game material from my son) is lying around and I like to see if I can put something decent together to run X-Plane9. My interest is not only to use the simulator but also to 'build' items to help out developers and/or plane/building/scenery builders. I'm used to 3D design (+20 years experience) so understanding how stuff works should be not that difficult. Best regards Lemans