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  1. thefsfempire

    Flysimware Cessna 402 C for FSX/P3D

    Anyone experience a problem with the AP system failing if you change the time while in game? For example, I started with a saved flight that was set for 13:00. After T/O I decided I wanted to try a night flight so I changed the time to 22:00. Upon setting the new time, all of the AP switches were illuminated and I could no longer turn every switch off. I could get half of them off but after that turning off one switch turned on another (turning off NAV illuminated BC, VOR/LOC and GA/GS; and vice-versa).
  2. thefsfempire

    Bug / Correction List

    PCAviator has the FT model 49% off through tomorrow. Link
  3. thefsfempire

    Flysimware Cessna 402 C for FSX/P3D

    Thanks! That appears to be correct. I also contacted FlySimWare and apparently the AP only corrects within 700ft. I started out on more modern and robust AP systems so I made the improper assumption that they all act the same. Thanks for the help! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  4. thefsfempire

    Bug / Correction List

    By turning off the center display unit (upper right corner; screw) and waiting rougly five seconds my frame rate went from 10FPS to 30FPS. I'm having problems with the a/c banking to the left during T/O and the plane constantly pitching up unless the throttle is at idle -- anyone else? Tried recalibrating my controls and testing with other a/c but it's only happening on this one.
  5. thefsfempire

    Carenado Phenom 100 Random

    Normally with FSX (+ FTXG & REX) I get 40-60FPS. Unfortunately with the Phenom 100 I get 10-25FPS. Such a beautiful model, but I suppose that's the price!
  6. Thanks for the info. Just purchased this a/c and was wondering what was up. Thanks again!
  7. thefsfempire

    Flysimware Cessna 402 C for FSX/P3D

    Is there anywhere I can get more information on operating the Navomatic 800B? I engage the AP and set the ALT to say 7,000 but it doesn't make any adjustments. I know this is an older a/c so is this not possible? Does the AP only follow heading? Sorry, I'm relatively new to flight simming but I'm really having fun learning it!