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  1. atc chatter

    Sorry to pull this back up, but still seeing a problem, Dave. Now that I've confirmed I have the airport option selected, the proper airport files are playing when they exist, however -- absolutely no ctr files play, ever. I'll get clr, gnd, twr, app and dep - and appropriately from the higher level folder if the airport folder doesn't exist, or doesn't have that type of controller. But nothing at all from any center. Can't attach here, it seems, but will PM a log...
  2. atc chatter

    Double-checked.... I somehow had the country option chosen instead of the airport option.No idea when or how I changed this, but I suspect that was my issue. Will confirm later with my next flight. Thanks again, Dave - sorry for the false alarm
  3. atc chatter

    Alright, then I think I may have found a bug -- will send logs. This wasn't a one-off... I suspected it a while ago, and have confirmed it has happened on every flight I've done since I started watching for it. Only thing I need to double-check is that I have the "airport folders" chosen as the chatter mode. Thanks again, Dave. Will either confirm if I have the chatter mode set wrong, or send some logs (and screenshots of my folder structure just to be sure) later today.
  4. atc chatter

    Hi Dave, Not sure if this is a bug or simply my misinterpretation of the proper ATC chatter directory structure. Under the ATC_Chatter Directory, I have a directory for "US", and under "US" I have a folder for each region (K1-K7). In each region folder I have "App" "Clr" "Ctr" etc... In addition, also in the K folders, I have airport folders (KRDU, KROA, etc)... and each airport folder has the controller types "App" "Clr" "Ctr". My understanding was, by configuring my folders this way, if a specific controller type is found for the airport I am currently tuned to, the chatter files from that folder would play -- If I'm contacting RDU tower and I have files in the K7 -> KRDU -> Twr folder, those would be the files that play. If I happen to be at an airport that doesn't have it's own folder, the files would instead play from the region's controller type. So, if I'm tuned to KATL ground, for example, and there is no KATL folder under K7, the files from K7 -> Gnd would play.. It seems, though, that the airport folders are not being used in this scenario. For example, tonight I departed from KHZL and landed at KROA. Both of these folders exist under their respective regions, and both have folders for all of the controller types full of files. I verified that those airport-specific files were never played, and instead the Clr, Gnd, Twr, App, Dep files all came from the controller type folders inside of the region folder (K6 -> Dep, K7 -> Ctr, K7 ->Twr ... ) I hope all of this makes sense... My question is - is my assumption about how this works incorrect, or is there a bug here? If I am doing something wrong, would you please help me understand how I would play airport-specific files if they exist, but fall back to the generic region files if there are no specific airport files for a controller type? I was certain I read somewhere that the way I have it set is the way it is supposed to be, but I seem to be wrong. Thanks Dave!
  5. Abandoned by ATC after approach clearance

    Downloaded and installed First flight with RNAV approach worked perfectly - looks like you squashed the specific issue I was seeing. Thanks again, Dave!
  6. Abandoned by ATC after approach clearance

    Excellent, thanks Dave... Will be watching for the update! Meanwhile, I'll stick to ILS approaches :)
  7. Abandoned by ATC after approach clearance

    Thanks for checking it out. I don't know what is unique about my setup, but this is an "every time I fly" thing, as opposed to a "once in a while" thing... Happy to help in any way I can if you need anything else on this.
  8. Abandoned by ATC after approach clearance

    PM sent - sorry for the delay...
  9. Abandoned by ATC after approach clearance

    I understand... But, I'm not being transferred to anyone after getting the IFR clearance. I've made sure, for one test, that I'm definitely flying in to a controlled airport. I never get the transfer to tower. And, in my other test noted, after "disregarding" the clearance (which I'd of course never do normally, this was just for a test) after flying 40nm past the IFR transition waypoint, I was never contacted or redirected back to the proper course... Granted, I've never done this prior to this behavior, so I don't know if it is normal -- I would have assumed ATC would tell me, in some way, that I'm not following the assigned approach... ?
  10. Hi Dave, I've waited before posting about this until I am almost certain it's not just now and then. On every flight I've done recently (all IFR plans, GA aircraft, ~200 mile flights) the last comm I get from ATC is the IFR approach clearance. I never get handed off to an approach controller, never get redirected if I intentionally go off-course, and am never given a "descend and maintain"... Everything will be perfectly normal until "cleared for ILS approach to runway ... ". P2A is still "alive" - moving map continues to work, ETE time and distance updates, etc. Just no more ATC interaction. I haven't spoken to ground or tower in a destination airport in many weeks :) Tonight, I set out to document exactly what would happen to report it. Once I received ILS approach clearance from center, I completely ignored it. Flew 40nm past the transition waypoint, never being contacted to correct or descend. By then I gave up, assuming there'd be nothing if not yet. I can't conclusively correlate this to the update, other than I believe that's around the time it started. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. ATC Background Chatter Files

    I've started doing exactly the same - agree unsure about the copyright issues, so I don't think it's a good idea to set up any sort of sharing community... That said, it's so easy to do, I've already forgotten about the realatc stuff... Get a copy of Audacity (windows freeware). Download archive(s) of your choice from . Load the file in to Audacity and use the "detect sound" (or something similar - not in front of it right now) from the tools menu (near the bottom, close to 'detect silence'. That will "mark" the start and end of each part of the file where there is actually sound. Then, from the file menu, choose "export multiple" and follow the prompts - you end up with individual files containing just the spoken parts - all automatically. I'm sure the realatc files were better... You do get some duds doing this, like periods of static or difficult to understand comms, etc...I look at them as added realism :) But, in under 2-hours one evening, I have almost 1000 files already, across all controller types, and working great with P2A.
  12. ATC Background Chatter Files

    File a PayPal claim. Eventually they'll get enough claims to suspend the account so at least nobody else will be able to pay for them..
  13. ATC Background Chatter Files

    Update for anyone interested - seems to be abandoned. I paid for the files over a week ago, and after never receiving anything, attempted to contact the seller via three different email addresses without success. I ultimately had to file a claim on Paypal for a refund, as the author has not responded to paypal's inquiry about my claim, either. Save your $10 if you're considering these..
  14. ATC Background Chatter Files

    Awesome! Thanks Dave.. I thought that would be the case based on the user guide, but wanted to confirm. Thank you - keep up the awesome work - P2A is far and away the most useful addition to my virtual flying universe. I bought it when I was on P3D, and it's made the move over to XP with me.
  15. ATC Background Chatter Files

    Thanks. While interesting, it seems LAAP and the other software you mentioned is all for FSX/P3D. I'm running Xplane.