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  1. Hey Dave, This could be a way to reproduce - I haven't done it enough times to know if it's "just me" or a symptom of the same issue: Last night, I paused a flight (X-Plane) about an hour in. CPU and RAM use were normal... Left it paused overnight, but left P2A open. Came back this afternoon (~18 hours later) to find P2A unresponsive, using 100% CPU and literally 95% of my available RAM. May want to try a long pause to see if that brings the issue to the forefront...
  2. No problems here... Maybe a local issue?
  3. Yes, but intermittently? If I install *only* the one bgl that I think is somehow causing part of this issue, I still get traffic with it (as long as I have the Vox slider somewhere between 15-50%.) Higher or lower, and there's none. Either way, I don't think that's what I'm running in to - I created all of these BGLs myself, in P3D format with the latest AIFP. Hopefully that debug option will give me a clue tomorrow.... Thanks!
  4. Well, I finally had some time to really dig in to this today - I was having the exact same issue. And after about 5-hours, I'm now even more confused. I actually *did* manage to get traffic working. I thought I had it narrowed down to one 'bad' BGL file.. And then, during further testing, I found that (a) at least part of my issue was airport specific, and (b) having the Vox traffic density set too high also had negative effects. I still think there's something funny with one particular BGL, but now I'm not so sure that's all of it. With it, I had no traffic at all. Without it, I got traffic again. But then, in further testing, when I put it back and LOWERED the Vox slider (to around 25% from just over 50%) I STILL had traffic. So, I started a pattern of disabling Vox, changing the slider, and re-enabling. Turned out, if I had the slider lower than 15-ish% or higher than 50% I had no traffic, with or without this one file. When I had it within that range, I would get traffic, but dramatically less with the file than without. Then, with all the same files and settings, started up at a different airport and had no traffic... About then, my brain was fried and I was ready to walk away. And that's when I discovered in the VAsettings.xml file, there's a line that says something like "AIDebug=False".. I wonder what will happen when I set that to True and try again when I'm ready for more punishment.
  5. VoxATC generates its own AI traffic from your bgl files. The FSX/P3D slider is supposed to be set to 0 (so that the sim-generated traffic doesn't get created and conflict with the traffic generated by VoxATC). I have had a similar experience just this past week. I've also been creating flight plans with AIFP, and discovered that all of a sudden, Vox stopped generating traffic. Although in my case, I know for certain it was working with some plans I created with AIFP. I've been generating aircraft-specific BGLs, one or two a day, and have about 10 now. I'm thinking I must have somehow created one in the past few days that Vox doesn't like and it's breaking everything else. I'm going to get back to a known-good state from after the first couple when I know things were working, and slowly re-introduce the bgls one at a time to see when it breaks. Once that happens, I may be able to figure out what it is about that file that breaks things. I'll post any findings in this thread, though I'd also be interested to see any other responses to this that could help ...
  6. Hey Dave - I'm sending a log via Email .. A few odd things about a flight I completed just a few minutes ago.. When I validated/filed my flight plan, I got a message that TOD could not be calculated (this has been happening a lot lately with the newest version - in conditions where the calculation should surely be possible - 200+ mile flight, low-altitude, GS target around 150kts). I was still allowed to continue.. The flight plan was filed at 9000 feet, I was never cleared above 7000, less than 74 miles in (still 100+ remaining) I got a descent to 4500 instruction (traveling at 160 kt) After my initial contact with departure, I was immediately instructed to contact approach (I was 200+ miles out flying a Baron). Approach then directed me to Center. Later in the flight, approach handed me off to tower well before I had even joined the approach procedure, tower handed me right back to approach. Log on the way via Email. Thanks....
  7. Sorry to pull this back up, but still seeing a problem, Dave. Now that I've confirmed I have the airport option selected, the proper airport files are playing when they exist, however -- absolutely no ctr files play, ever. I'll get clr, gnd, twr, app and dep - and appropriately from the higher level folder if the airport folder doesn't exist, or doesn't have that type of controller. But nothing at all from any center. Can't attach here, it seems, but will PM a log...
  8. Double-checked.... I somehow had the country option chosen instead of the airport option.No idea when or how I changed this, but I suspect that was my issue. Will confirm later with my next flight. Thanks again, Dave - sorry for the false alarm
  9. Alright, then I think I may have found a bug -- will send logs. This wasn't a one-off... I suspected it a while ago, and have confirmed it has happened on every flight I've done since I started watching for it. Only thing I need to double-check is that I have the "airport folders" chosen as the chatter mode. Thanks again, Dave. Will either confirm if I have the chatter mode set wrong, or send some logs (and screenshots of my folder structure just to be sure) later today.
  10. Hi Dave, Not sure if this is a bug or simply my misinterpretation of the proper ATC chatter directory structure. Under the ATC_Chatter Directory, I have a directory for "US", and under "US" I have a folder for each region (K1-K7). In each region folder I have "App" "Clr" "Ctr" etc... In addition, also in the K folders, I have airport folders (KRDU, KROA, etc)... and each airport folder has the controller types "App" "Clr" "Ctr". My understanding was, by configuring my folders this way, if a specific controller type is found for the airport I am currently tuned to, the chatter files from that folder would play -- If I'm contacting RDU tower and I have files in the K7 -> KRDU -> Twr folder, those would be the files that play. If I happen to be at an airport that doesn't have it's own folder, the files would instead play from the region's controller type. So, if I'm tuned to KATL ground, for example, and there is no KATL folder under K7, the files from K7 -> Gnd would play.. It seems, though, that the airport folders are not being used in this scenario. For example, tonight I departed from KHZL and landed at KROA. Both of these folders exist under their respective regions, and both have folders for all of the controller types full of files. I verified that those airport-specific files were never played, and instead the Clr, Gnd, Twr, App, Dep files all came from the controller type folders inside of the region folder (K6 -> Dep, K7 -> Ctr, K7 ->Twr ... ) I hope all of this makes sense... My question is - is my assumption about how this works incorrect, or is there a bug here? If I am doing something wrong, would you please help me understand how I would play airport-specific files if they exist, but fall back to the generic region files if there are no specific airport files for a controller type? I was certain I read somewhere that the way I have it set is the way it is supposed to be, but I seem to be wrong. Thanks Dave!
  11. Downloaded and installed First flight with RNAV approach worked perfectly - looks like you squashed the specific issue I was seeing. Thanks again, Dave!
  12. Excellent, thanks Dave... Will be watching for the update! Meanwhile, I'll stick to ILS approaches :)
  13. Thanks for checking it out. I don't know what is unique about my setup, but this is an "every time I fly" thing, as opposed to a "once in a while" thing... Happy to help in any way I can if you need anything else on this.
  14. I understand... But, I'm not being transferred to anyone after getting the IFR clearance. I've made sure, for one test, that I'm definitely flying in to a controlled airport. I never get the transfer to tower. And, in my other test noted, after "disregarding" the clearance (which I'd of course never do normally, this was just for a test) after flying 40nm past the IFR transition waypoint, I was never contacted or redirected back to the proper course... Granted, I've never done this prior to this behavior, so I don't know if it is normal -- I would have assumed ATC would tell me, in some way, that I'm not following the assigned approach... ?
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