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  1. ammarmalhas

    Lost menu bar in P3Dv3.1

    Hi, Does anyone know why the menus disappear? Deleting the Prepar3d.cfg file works but resets everything to default! Thanks, Ammar
  2. A quick question if I may: I am using 1 17" LCD monitor for the Instructor station and my normal Windows work, and 3 projectors (on a cylindrical screen) for P3D external view. My Windows Screen Resolution setup page shows all 4 displays I arranged (LCD at top and 3 projectors at bottom). The LCD is shown as number 1, the left projector is #4, the middle projector is #2 and the right one is #3, not sure why this is the case! Now in P3D v3.4 in View Group Management there are DisplayID numbers under the Configuration tab/line and also under the 3 view lines in the view group tab/line that refer to the displays, should these numbers be the same used in the Windows Screen Resolution Setup page or what? I also will be using Fly-Elise Immersive Calibration Pro to produce the viewgroup.xml file and Immersive Display Pro to do the warping. Can someone pls tell me more about the DisplayID numbers and they should be? Do I change what IDP outputs? Thanks.
  3. ammarmalhas

    FSX B738 Field of View

    I had the answer but was not paying attention :-( Pls see post by saabpilot (Bjorn) where he shows the diagram I am looking for. Many thanks to him.
  4. 61 Guys, I have posted this at FlightSim, so if you run by it there as well, please do excuse me but I am trying to reach as many knowledgeable guys out there as possible. :-) I have been searching the net (to no use) for several weeks looking for any description of what we are supposed to see of the runway from the pilot's seat (eye level), some call it FOV! I want to configure my Virtual or 2D views (with no panels) for the proper outside view of a 738, I am not talking about horizontally (220 deg) I am talking about what part of the runway in front me do I see and how high up the sky do I see sitting in the pilot's chair. I will repeat because my English does not help; what is the closest part of the runway (measured from the nose) that I should be seeing in front of me? Some say 14m from the nose! How high are the pilot's eyes above ground (tarmac) in a B737-800 (NGX)? I have read somewhere that the pilot is around 366cm from ground roughly 12ft above the tarmac. I want to achieve as realistic a view as possible. I am using 3 Optoma GT1080's and a 220 Deg cylindrical screen warped-views with Fly-Elise Immersive Display Pro. I am not sure if I am seeing what I should be seeing outside. From assuming the glare-shield slope of 15° (from 737 Measurements - and pilot eyes aligned with that, my triangle calculations is that if the pilot eyes are at 366cm from ground then the diagonal distance from pilot eyes to edge of runway closest to the nose would be around 14m (from the pilot) and the horizontal distance from the pilot seat to that visible edge will be 13.65m. So, probably 11.5m out in front of the nose is what a pilot should be seeing on the runway. Are these numbers correct? Thank you for your thoughts. Ammar 77
  5. 23 Hi to all, Though I am not a scenery designer nor do I know anything about scenery :wub: , this is probably the best place to ask my question: I am looking for an add-on or a utility that can change the loaded scenery priorities dynamically as I fly above/below a set altitude, say 5000'. I want to load photo-real sceneries above 5000' and textured sceneries below 5000', I think that changing the priorities would force loading sceneries (?), it may take time to reload though, but it would still beat doing it manually and drastically interrupting the flight, especially since I run a 220 deg screen with 3 projectors and warped views in fullscreen mode with no visible menus. To change sceneires maually I have to exit fullscreen mode, minimize my FSX window, resize it, drag it to a normal monitor and do the changes then reverse this process back to the main screen! Does anyone know of such an add-on or utility? Does anyone know how to write such an add-on/utility? I believe such a utility will be in good demand as it will solve the problem of having to run either/or textured/photo-real sceneries! Thanks. Ammar
  6. Thank you Alessandro, i am getting 13 fps in London City and I have found that so far this airport and general area is the lousiest for fps. NY Kennedy is 24 and other airports I see fps in the 30's on my 225°/3 projector setup. I will further try your settings and see if I get better results however I am not satisfied with the BenQ at 1280x800 resolution from 2.25m radius, the resolution is too small and I can see all the dots (pixels) from that distance making the whole sceneries look shallow and cartoonish!
  7. I have looked at this software (excel sheet) a while back. It is not usable with warping/edge blending software. It does not tell me how to physically connect projectors and what views to assign each projector or how to run multiple instances of FSX and connect them together! It does not tell me how to project two windows (views) on three projectors and how to make them appear warped and corrected for cylindrical projection especially when the projectors are not projecting from eye-level and not at 90 deg from the screen surface (perpendicular projection)! I wish you could guide me to a more detailed explanation of what to do (in both or either option) and how to do it. Windowmaker is a good tool for any number of monitor settings, not for cylindrical or dome screens that need warping and edge blending, at least that was my understanding and I could be very wrong! Thank you.
  8. I was thinking of two or three computers. I do not know how to set this up, I am fairly new at all this. What do u mean by the 2-window split up approach? I am using Immersive Calibration and Display Pro warping and edge blending software for my current 3-views setup. Can u pls elaborate on both options (or guide me to literature that explains these) I am sure many like me will benefit from the combined experience and knowledge of all u guys. Thx
  9. Since I have AMD Radeon I am actually using Eyefinity to combine the three projectors (displays) into one wide display. On this display I have to project three views to achieve 225 deg view. I also use warping software to correct the projected views to a 225 deg cylindrical screen. Even if I use TH2G it is the same as Eyefinity, I still need three views to cover the 225 Deg. I think one view only stretches to 135 degrees as I have read! Am I wrong? How can I do a 225 or even a 180 deg view with one wide view? I would really appreciate a guide on doing this, can you point one out for me? Thanks.
  10. Nothing changed, I am running both trying to see which one flies smoother. So far both are producing bad fps though FSX is about %10-%20 smoother (more fps). I mentioned FSX since many more people are experienced with it and most all documentations and tweaks and discussions are about FSX. Which ever I can get running with fps above 20 i will stick to :-)
  11. It seems the software I already have (Immersive) does this. I need to know how! Anyone has a guide on doing this? I am in touch with Immersive's support. I hope they can help me out.
  12. Rob, Thank u for the video. I could not see the picture clearly; on my 13" screen it is too small even in full mode (I am using a 13" MACBookPro). How do I check my hardware? I checked the RAM it is fine, everything else seems to be working but how do I check the CPU, the graphics card the MOBO? What should I be looking for? Don't you think that running three views is mainly why I am getting lousy fps but then again, the load on the CPU and GPU are ridiculously low! Thanks. Ammar
  13. Hi All, My system is: ASUS Z87K MOBO i7 4790K at 4 GHz 16 Gb DDR3 at 2667 Hz RAM Crucial 240Gb SSD Radeon R9 295 x2 graphics card 8Gb 3 x BenQ projectors 1280x800 225 Deg cylindrical screen at 225cm radius and 2m high I am running FSX on this computer with my three projectors combined as one using AMD's Eyefinity. I am also using Immersive Calibration Pro and Immersive Display Pro to warp the projected images into the proper 225 Deg projection on the screen. Immersive Calibration Pro produces the required FSX/P3D settings of the views (cameras) needed to produce the 225 Deg curved view and that is a great feature. I am OK with the image I am getting (3 x 1280x800), which is not so impressive at 2.25m away (you can actually see the pixels (5mmx5mm each), BUT my problem is the FPS i am getting in FSX and P3D, a mere 12 fps which is truly unacceptable! My scenery settings are all medium levels. When I close one of the three views my fps goes up to 24-25 fps and when I close the 2nd view I get 33-36 fps with one view open. I am not sure 33 fps is acceptable especially when everyone out there talks about running 40+ fps and some say they get 100+ fps! And I am using the stock Cessna 182 on the tarmac at London City, Cold & Dark at summer at 11am clear skies! My computer setup is powerful but I think running three views in FSX is just too much for the game regardless of the power of your CPU, memory, and graphics card! This does not make sense to me as I thought (and still think) that system power (CPU and GPU) are everything when it comes to running FSX/P3D or any other software! Mind you, at the 12-13 fps I am getting %16-%30 on my CPU (core 0 mainly) and almost the same on my GPU! So, the CPU and GPU are not running anywhere near their full capacity and the software is stuck at such low fps! I cannot figure or understand this, I am not a computer wizard but I know enough to get by, or that is what I thought! I would like to try to run three computers each running FSX with Wideview, each producing one view on one projector and I need to know how to do that and how to warp the projected images to produce one continuous warped view. I am not sure (actually almost certain) that Immersive Calibration Pro and Immersive Display Pro handle multiple projectors on multiple graphic cards (or computers). Does anyone know of any software that can warp three projectors each running on a separate computer? Or are there any ideas how to make my setup better, not tweaking the software settings (i have several suggestions to try out yet). I appreciate all help. Ammar
  14. Are you using three views on your three monitors or one view stretched out across all three? If you are using three views then turn off one view at a time and look at the fps, it should double and then triple as you are left with one view! This shows that the problem is really resources and power, at least that is what I think it would be! But 25 fps on three views is really very good! If you are using one view stretched, then there are so many things that affect your fps, the scenery settings you have and the power of your system, which with all respect is not the top end system possible. I am using a three projectors (combined as one in AMD Eyefinity) and a 225 deg screen system running three views in FSX. My system is much more powerful than yours and I am getting 12-14 fps ONLY. I am going to post a new thread to seek advice on what to do, but in your case a 25 fps on three monitors ( or even one) is not that bad and as someone said above, do not worry about fps if you run smooth. Good luck.
  15. I do have the 4790k at 4.0 GHz. I believe my problem is mainly that I am running three views which I need to produce a 225 Deg view from my three projectors. I noticed that closing off one view my fps went up to 24 and closing the second one the fps went up to 36, so it is the three views causing the low fps. I am wondering why so when the CPU is loaded to no more than %30 on the main core and almost nothing on the other 7 cores. The GPU (R09 295 x2) is also loaded with 30-40% maximum! Seems I have enough power to run MUCH higher fps at much higher settings, only something is limiting this! I would understand limitations when I load the CPU or GPU to %80-%100 but at 1/3 capacity, I think the problem is in FSX and P3D!