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  1. kejohansen

    ATC & The VFR/Bush Pilot

    Or maybe we could get together on IVAO network doing some bushflying around the world communicating on shared frequencies while flying deciding what to do and where to go. It could be a little more easygoing than the regular semiprofessional way on the network (just as it is in the real world I guess)?
  2. I have decided to go around the world VOR to VOR in my Cessna 206 without use of satellite navigation. I use X-Plane. I will do some legs on VATSIM and other offline depending on whether or not within controlled airspace. I use my UK FLY ID, so if you are on Vatsim I'll be Skyways 1435. I use Plan G for flight planning and as map when flying. First leg: My first leg was on VATSIM. I made it during the evening but had the simulator time on day to be able to have daylight and enjoy sceneries, which are outstanding in X-Plane. I believe so at least. I started this tour on EGLC (London City Airport) flying over NDB's LCY, RCH, NF, DD, NIK and BC to EBBT in Belgium. I had to wait almost 25 minutes for clearance at EGLC due to quite a lot of traffic in the London area, but got my clearance at 1.30 pm. My instructions was to fly south after reaching 1000 ft and fly under 2000 ft. I connected to my flight plan route again 2.05 pm at NDB NF at the coast starting my trip over the channel. It was quite foggy so i really did'nt see the Belgian coast until I was upon it and arrived to NDB DD at Oostende. The clock was now 2.25. I experienced really cloudy weather Just before NDB BC, which I had chosen to be my connect point to the airfield EBBT. No view at all even after descending to 500 ft, so I kept descending towards the airport. I got visual contact with it after passing below 300 ft and was able to do a safe landing. I have to admit that I had some help from my GPS. I had loaded the flight plan and could follow the magenta line. Bu I will try not to use GPS from now on. Next leg will be to ESTA in the south Sweden and after that going to ESSB and the Swedish east coast.
  3. kejohansen

    PMDGOptions library

    To solve the latter issue, frozen controls, disable controls under "Settings" and "Controls" in FSX and use FSUIPC instead for your control device. It takes a bit of brain work to understand how to map buttons and axis, but you will get good help from the FSUIPC manual and from videos on Youtube. But you have to use the registered product, as I understand it. This that controls freezes are a problem for Windows 8 users.
  4. Hi. I have controller drop out problem in FSX running in Windows 8 and bought FSXAssist hoping it could help with this issue. But I can't get through the registration process. Opening FSXAssist and getting the FSXAssist Online Registration form with the field "Please enter your registration key that you recieved in your payment email". I have the registration key copied from the email and pasted into this field, but there is no OK button, hence I can't make the registration and get in to the program. The only two buttons are "Purchase Key" and "Retrieve Key". I need advice on how to proceed? Best regards, Knut