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  1. Meintjes675

    PMDG AIRAC Problem

    Hey guys I contacted PMDG and are in the process of getting the correct versions/installers for P3d.I also decided to get P3D V4.I don't have an internet connection so I had one of my friends buy any products,download and activate them.Turns out the SOB pockets the money and download "cracked" versions.I am on my way now to confront him.Thank you everyone for your help and support.I really appreciate it.Thank you
  2. Meintjes675

    PMDG AIRAC Problem

    I got this window with every Pmdg product I have.I also got it when I had Fsx.It loads once then I never see it again.This is the first time I encountered a problem during the loading process.
  3. Meintjes675

    PMDG AIRAC Problem

    Thank you for your reply.Whenever I install a Pmdg product and start it for the first time,a Pmdg window opens that says:Airac Database Loading...(Pleas WAIT...FS will pause untill this process is complete) Reading airports....0.It usually loads just over 24000 airports.And it only loads once for every Pmdg aircraft.Never afterwards.
  4. Meintjes675

    PMDG AIRAC Problem

    Good day,I currently have P3d v3.4 Professional Plus.I installed Pmdg's 747 with no problems but when I load p3d,select the 747 and AIRAC starts to load the sim crashes.The only error I get is "A Fatal Error Occurred".I tried it multiple times with the same results.As soon as AIRAC starts to load it crashes a few seconds later.All other aircraft works fine,only the 747 has a problem.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you
  5. Meintjes675

    ERROR-Just Flight Rescue Pilot

    Thank you for all your help.
  6. Meintjes675

    ERROR-Just Flight Rescue Pilot

    Hi,thank you very much for your help so far. I solved the "JFPerson" failure by adding the following line to the "Main" section of FSX.cfg: SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\JFRescuePilot Now there's another problem.When I start a mission there are no aircraft to choose from.No helicopters or planes are standing at the airfield and the Select Aircraft option menu is unavailable.Any ideas? Thank you. UPDATE: I can choose the Jetranger with the Rescue livery from the Select Aircraft menu but when I take off,nothing happens,no radio communications or co pilot.
  7. Hey guys,I downloaded Just Flight's Rescue Pilot for FSX but when I select a mission I get a error message "Aircraft Initialization Failure. JFPerson RP." I re-installed the mission pack,re-installed FSX but nothing's worked so far. I saw a thread saying you must go to FSX/Settings/Scenery Library/Add Area and go to C:/Program files/Fsx/Just flight/Rescue Pilot/Scene/Scenery but according to fsx that folder is empty although there are files. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?I really want to fly these missions! Thank you in advance.