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  1. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    Here is explanation: „ We are currently deep in the 747-400 and PMDG Ops Center projects and updates so it will probably be a bit before they can get back to it.” Thank everybody for help.
  2. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    I don't think it is such a challenge for them. So I hope i won't have to wait so long.
  3. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    If anyone is interested, this is answer from Support: ”I have passed your request on to the development team to look at for a future update to the SDK Paul ******** Customer & Product Support PMDG Simulations, LLC” Does someone know when this update is gonna be ready? Oliwier
  4. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    Yes, I am sure, I received an e-mail: „ I will have to ask the development team about this and get back to you. Paul ******* Customer & Product Support PMDG Simulations, LLC” Oliwier
  5. Hi Bob. I will install it on my SSD for sure. I didn't said I am flying with 300 FPS, I only told you I can get so much. I am trying to limit FPS by FSX's limiter but it seems to not working properly for me (when I am using limiter in FSX I have more stutters), so I was trying with RiviaTuner limiter and that is okay. Yes, I agree with you, I need more RAM, but I am waiting for it. Regarding to Lighting texture refresh - this is information from other forum, where someone had similar problem to mine (I mean these CPU spikes). This is really odd these spikes appear every 61 seconds (exactly!). Maybe this is something else? I don't know. But I know it is from FSX.exe (Process Explorer and Task Manager showed that). Anyway, I have to wait for my RAM, I don't know how long, but I will definitely write if I had any informations. For now I will try any other things, which I think can cause these stutters. Thank you for reply. If someone else has any idea - I am waiting for suggestions. Oliwier
  6. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    Wow, it is good to know! Nice thing, but I only wanted to making vibrations when in PMDG is warning about stall, just this simple. But thank you for reply! I wrote to PMDG support as you recommended, now I am waiting for response!
  7. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    Thank you for your reply. I will definitely write to them! If anyone have any information about this how to put together stall system of PMDG to my arduino I would be grateful. Oliwier Dalamon
  8. I found out that these CPU spikes are due to lighting texture refresh in FSX which is every 61 seconds. I don't know how to fight with it. This is what I've done: Set AffinityMask to 56 (which means I am using only 3 last cores) - and this reduced these spikes by half (only because I am using half cores now :D) but stuttering still occurs. I have tried different settings in nVidia Inspector and this helped a little but still I have too much stutters for this specs. I can try starting everything from 0, but I need your help. @speedyTC My settings: (as I said I was trying everything and this is why I can have little mess here - I can try to start over!) @stans I overclocked it to 4125, but came back to original because I thought there can be the problem. I have good temps of CPU and GPU. I know more ram would be better but as I mentioned before - I was watching Memory usage and this is in 70% all (system + fsx). I will upgrade it when I receive my Corsairs, but for now I don't think the problem is here. I turned off (and even uninstalled) my antivirus and turned off any updating from windows. I was watching also processes in background and every was under 1% usage of CPU. I was reading almost every guide about tweaks and settings (bible from NickN, here on Avsim, Word Not Allowed guide and more). Still have stutters. I think we should try everything step by step, but I don;t know so much about performance settings, so that is why I am writing here. Maybe we can do this step by step. Thank you for replyes though. And hope to have this problem solved quick.
  9. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    Hi Marc, thank you for reply! What I want is any Offset in FSUIPC or in PMDG SDK that responds as Stall Warning (stick shaker). But I couldn't find anything like that. 😞 I found only this: "#define EVT_OH_WARNING_TEST_STALL_1_PUSH (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 303)#define EVT_OH_WARNING_TEST_STALL_2_PUSH (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 304)" in PMDG SDK. There are only buttons. Anyway maybe there are connected with stall warning and if stall is coming, simulator "pushes" these buttons. But I don't know how to assign them to FSUIPC. How to make offset with them?
  10. Hello friends, I am struggling with big problem. I have new computer, there are spec: - Motherboard: ASUS P9X79-E WS - Proc: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40Ghz (6 cores) - Graphic: 3 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X (now no in SLI mode) - RAM: 2x Samsung M378B5773DH0-CH9 2GB (this is only because I have my Corsair 4x8GB sent on guarantee - but I have read that FSX don't need more - and I see this because when it is on, Memory is on about 70%) PCU: Corsair HX1200i Monitors: Samsung 4K UE40JU64 (but I have it in 1920x1080 resolution) 60Hz - Acer 1920x1080 60Hz System: Windows 8.1 64bit -------------------------------------------- Yep, so I have installed FSX:SE firstly on my SSD (where is my system) but due to problems, which I will describe you in moment, I uninstalled it and installed again on my HDD. But problem still occurs. (yep, I defragmented the HDD disc). I have no addons (but I tried with PMDG and it is no different). So my problem is that I have a lot of sttuters in game, it doesn't matter where, which aircraft, what time. Flight is very smooth and everything is so good,( I can get 300 FPS on one monitor), but these stutters are so annoying. It is for about maybe one second (sometimes it is no stutter but something like slowing down simulator). There is NO FPS drop (or maybe counter can't catch this drop, because these stutters are very fast). I've tried everything, tweaking FSX, changing NVIDIA settings, fully uninstalling fsx, hyperthreading on and off, overclocking cpu and default clocks and nothing helps. I found out that the fps limiter in fsx sometimes causes more stuttering (I don't know why) so I downloaded RiviaTuner to lock FPS. Problem still is there. Finally I downloaded Process Explorer. And there I saw something interesting! The picture with description is below, but in generally: I have some stutters (purple arrows - maybe some of these smaller bars were stutters too, but I couldn't see them); and the biggest mystery VERY BIG USAGE OF CPU in regular intervals. I think if we knew why it is, we would be closer to eliminate stutters. But really weird thing is that stutters appear on the begining of this "jump", after everything is okay... until another stutter. 😞 I think you can help me, because I am struggeling with this for 5 days! I spent about 30 hours of reading topics, testing and everything. Please help me with this:( Thank you in advance! This is photo of CPU usage from Process Explorer: Intervals between green high bars are about 1 min. PS. I added this topic in this forum because it is stricte connected with fsx and no (I hope) with hardware issue.
  11. gaddemyt

    Stall system in PMDG

    Hello, I have a little problem. I bought a vibration motor to use it for "stall" and I use Mobiflight (but this is not important now). I would know how is working STALL system in PMDG. Any offset mapping, anything for this? It is earlier than "primitive fsx's stall system". It is independed. Where can I find information of stall system in PMDG to make it connected with hardware? I have FSX and PMDG 737NGX. Thank you in advance for help. Oliwier Dalamon