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  1. Hello Julian, I am sure you are right. I managed to finally uninstall this program Thank you very much for clarifying it to me.. I will purchase the Airac from Navagraph.
  2. Hi all, Got a little problem and hopefully someone can help. Story short: I was trying to programm the FMC on my PMDG 737 and 1 of the way points i was trying to add was invalid due to my NavData wasout of date.. After googeling the problem i installed "WorldNavaids" and since then my P3D v3 wont startup.. I am not able to uninstall WorldNavaids due to the uninstall option isnt working within the worldNavaids programm and it is not showing in Programs and features on my Win System. Also IOBIT cannot find WorldNavaids. I have to say that it is very sad that PMDG is selling the 737 Base Package, which I bought last week with a very old Airac and NavDatabase.. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this issue. Thanks a lot in advance guys..
  3. Hello Dan, Thank you very much for the instructions will od that. Also I have signed in just as described in the guide, have no clue why my name is not showing. I will recheck the setup and see if I have made a misstake..
  4. Hello Dan, I have installed the P3D sdk and downloaded the simconnect.msi from Fspassengers.. These were the 3 modules incl. in the simconnect.msi.. 1-RTM/Simconnect.msi 2-SP1/Simconnect.msi 3-XPACK/Simconnect.msi Are those the modules you mean? Thanks for helping.
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to RUN ASCA in combination with REX Ess.+ OD? I am thinking of switching from REX to AS16 and would be thankful for Tips and recommendations. Thanks a lot in advance.. Andili
  6. Hello Budbud, What do you mean by.. I have set up my account accordingly.. Also, I not seen anybody using their full name (first and surname) here in the forum. All the best Andili
  7. Hi all.. again.. The cockpit panel on my PMDG 737 ngx is not working. There is no way I can initialise the panels and everything is dark with the engines running, start levers are active. I cannot push any button.. any ideas.. Thanks again in advance guys.. Andili
  8. Hello Jim and pedrotrindade, Thank you very much for your tips and suggestions, I have finally managed to fix the problem. After researchng a bit more I was made aware that Norton AV/ family settings might be the problem. I therefore uninstalled Norton and reinstalled it with different settings and now it works. Thanks again
  9. Hi all, I am new to the forum and I hope someone can help me due to me running out of ideas on how to fix this issue. Here is the situation: 2 days ago I bought me the PMDG 737 base pack for my new P3D v3 simulatior after changing from FSX. I accessed the precisionmanuals from my work laptop and also payed the addon via my work laptop. The problem i am now having is that my Gaming Laptop will not let me access the "precisionmanuals shop" area inorder to Download the addon. It is not even loading the website i am getting a blank white screen with the following error message: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) It also says that the Website is not secure .. I have tried next to everything i could find on google regarding this problem.. Has anybody have an idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance Andi This page is not secure.
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