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  1. This issue has been resolved after I changed the registry entries on all related items pointing to drive X:. My AAO now been restored to access the folder C:\users\... Thanks for your support!
  2. I'd contacted the author about this issue. He has no idea also but pointed me to check the %userprofile% of Windows. I'd checked the it still points to C:\Users\bc without any change. However, this might be related to Onedrive also. As recently I disabled to use Onedrive to sync to Documents and Desktop to the cloud. Actually, onedrive moved all my files in Documents (and also My Desktop) to its local directories under C:\users\bc\OneDrive... I reset the property of My Document back to its original windows default C:\Users\bc\Documents to avoid the confusion of storing documents to C:\users\bc\OneDrive\Documents. These changes might affect the selection of AAO for the layered files retrieval. Any idea in relation to Onedrive? (under the whole process of disabling Onedrive, I've never use the drive X: as my Document directory!) I've tried to re-install the AAO but the issue remains. Do I need to uninstall AAO and delete its related directories before the re-installation? Any issue with my AAO's license if I clear out all these directories?
  3. Hi, I found the modified layered guage files are not running in running MSFS/AAO. It kept on showing my previous version of the guage instead. After a thorough study, I found AAO had changed its default loading directory ( from C:\Users\bc\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Scripts\XTouchGauge) to my recently connected SSD drive (which I use for backup purposes and assigned as X: ). Becuase I backup all my data with the same directory structure as C:, AAO somehow changed layered file loading location to X:\Users\bc\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Scripts\XTouchGauge. That's why my modified layered file in c : has no effect when running the AAO. I would like to check if there is any way to change the layered file directory back to C drive 😄 . Currently , I have to update my modified file to drive X: instead. Cheers!
  4. Just bought the full version 2_81_b05. Do I need to uninstall the demo version before this installation? Any license no to be entered? I just my previously buttons assignment able to be retained. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your advise. I think I need more time to learn how I could use the AAO for my flightsim. Just on my last question, is there a quick and dirty way to assign my x-Touch Mini keys using AAO to send the standard MSFS2020 keyboard shortcuts back to the flightsim for various controls in a quick and dirty way?
  6. Hi Lorby, Thanks for your prompt reply. I was using the MSFS standard SP172S with G1000. I have no clue to find out those events used in this plane if they couldn't be watched when activated. I wonder how could I know the exact event name of various Knots and buttons of the simulator for assigning encoders/buttions for the X-Touch Mini ? Is there a way I could emmulate the native MSFS keyboard inputs combinations to perform the corresponding functions for controlling this plane ?
  7. Hi, I'm new to AAO and just downloaded the Demo version for a trial for my X-touch Mini controlling the MSFS2020. Under the scripting, I was not able to see anything for "Watch simulation eventsor "Watch simulation variables" whenever I did some turning / clicking of MSFS. I suspect it's caused by the WebAPI. I've checked the Tools menu, the "Enable Web API on port 9080" was not able to be selected/enable. I've checked the port 9080 of my PC is okay and not blocked. Please advise any parameters need to set in order to "Watch simulation events" under "Scripting". My AAO Demo version is 2.81 b05 MSFS. I've checked the "port setting for the WEB" is 8080/9080 for WebFIP/WebAPI respectively. However, I could only see unchecked one module under "Set WebAPI for AAO Addons" as "Lorbysi-content-fippanel -> IP:localhost, Port:9080". I was not able to "Tick" the box of this module. However, the entire box is "Ticked" and have port 9080 set. (the "Set WebFIP for AAO Addons" is similar with only the "Lorbysi-content-fippanel -> IP:localhost, Port:8080" but not able to be cheched. Thanks BC
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