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  1. kamoflarj

    Eyefinity FOV fix

    yeah, i can't stand it either. I think I might buy TrackIR to help out, so that there's less distortion.
  2. kamoflarj

    Eyefinity FOV fix

    I realize this has probably been asked 100 times already. But Is there a way of creating seperate camera views, so that you don't get the fisheye effect when using 3 monitor eyefinity?
  3. I'll tell you an interesting flight. Try NZWN to NZQN. NZQN is an RNP approach through mountainous terrain. Can be challenging and/or fun. Look up nzqn rnp-y rwy 23
  4. When on the ground, i switch the radio to ATIS, then the wind direction always says its about 22 degrees from what it actually is. Eg metar on AS2012 map says 060 a 16, atis says 038 at 16. The other issue im having is that where there are no active metars at a certain airport, the atis will give a weather report based upon my current position?
  5. kamoflarj

    Toe brakes disconnects saitek

    yes its happened to me before too, think its a glitch with your parking brake during pushback. All I do is re-load the airport and it fixes it.
  6. kamoflarj

    Modifying STAR

    I believe we spoke via email, jockos. For anyone wanting good NZQN RNP procedures, use the ones linked above. I'm still interested in creating my own STAR though, the way Dan described creating arcs intrigues me
  7. kamoflarj

    Incorrect cruise altitude temps

    Great info, i didn't know that about TAT and SAT before
  8. kamoflarj

    Modifying STAR

    Thanks for that info, I'll have to have a go at it. I just downloaded Compsys21, what a great tool! That would be amazing if you can do that. I will most likely need it for decommissioned airports and editing the ever changing RNP approaches, here in New Zealand.
  9. kamoflarj

    Modifying STAR

    It's ok. Easy mistake. The RNP approach into nzqn is far more interesting than the rnav g app. The only tricky part is modelling a DME arc, common to RNP. The pmdg737 doesn't do it. You have to make a virtual arc by creating lots of fixes about 0.5nm apart MAUB, I think you are probably right. The other method used to create fixes was by using collocated DME fixes from the SH VOR. Obviously, if you know the exact coordinates, a bearing is not going to be anywhere near as accurate, given Magvar has to be taken into account for.
  10. kamoflarj

    Modifying STAR

    RNP approaches into NZQN are company specific, meaning you need special permission to use them. RNP approaches vary depending on the aircraft your company is using and what your aircrafts RNP is rated to. Also it is RNAV G, not RNP G
  11. kamoflarj

    Modifying STAR

    I meant that I'm adding RNP approach fixes after the last fix of the ELRUV1A STAR. The RNP Y navdata is not supplied for hobbyist sim use. I am using the MFD for checking where the fixes are.
  12. kamoflarj

    Modifying STAR

    I'm trying to modify a STAR for NZQN. The problem is whenever i enter the LAT/LON of a fix into the PMDG Nav files, it works in the game, but the fix isn't in the correct location. Now if i entered this fix from the PMDG FMC then it would be in the correct location. It uses the same coordinates. What am i missing here?