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  1. szcsongor

    Installers needed for SkyHighSim sceneries

    First I wanted to get these sceneries from the links of this topic then when I went through my big HDD I realized I already have all three (must have saved them while SkyHighSim was still alive) 🙂 Don't know how they work in p3d v4, never tried. Here you go: LYBE!hmQWwKbI!73fZwYRxVJJTaHDGewLd0JPLg_3j64TFDIJ3DP47Wg8 LYTV!FyAwyCJI!W1COOMEl_p8U0KMGNXq3CUNmPmG2UDkb89-AOOwIic8 LDOS!IzwGwSiL!-M7lhc7ZpqvJHMlX_R9fqlN-_hylDOMLQxWBXaXhuL0
  2. Been thinking the same. On the verge of buying it (together with PrecipitFX, because if you buy these in combo, the latter one is 30% cheaper, only 6 usd), but will wait over December if any sale or discount code shows up somewhere.
  3. szcsongor

    Cockpit Texture problem....

    Hi, I have the same problem. Could you make a reflection profile for the Saab 340? Would be nice having the airplane reflections back 🙂
  4. szcsongor

    Support for FaceTrackNoIR

    OK, now it suddenly works. I don't know why, I did not do anything besides restarting the whole sim, then closing Chaseplane to try out of facetracknoir works then starting Chaseplane again. Then it suddenly worked using freetrack protocol in facetracknoir (the same way as with ezca, but this time TrackIR's software has to run in the background.
  5. szcsongor

    Support for FaceTrackNoIR

    I just updated Chaseplane but the problem remains. But now I think I figured out why. FacetrackNoIR was able to communicate with the sim also through FreeTrack protocol up until p3d v3, this is how I used it along with ezca. Now on v4 that does not work, only through a fixed Simconnect SP2 protocol, which explains why Chaseplane and FacetrackNoIR can't control the camera at the same time. As soon as I exit chaseplane face tracking works well. I will look for some solution but probably FacetrackNoIR - FreeTrack has to be fixed for this.
  6. szcsongor

    Support for FaceTrackNoIR

    Hi, I have the problem, but I could not set this up. Following your advice, downloaded and ran trackir software, updated it to the latest version, and ran it alongside with facetracknoir and chaseplane. Set facetracknoir to freetrack 2.1 protocol (the same settings worked with ezca before), but the camera is not moving at all. I'm running the latest 0.4.204 beta build. Of course trackIR is enabled in chaseplane. Did you do anything else to get it to work? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Could you fix this problem of missing mountains in the elevation profile? I still see some misses at some parts of the world (mid Sweden for example) using the latest 2.0.2 version. Thanks.
  8. Yes, I'm on 4.2 Revert back to default shaders in PTA from backup, and also disable URP in the addons menu if you have it there. For me it helped.
  9. szcsongor

    FS Global Ultimate mesh - will it work in P3Dv4?

    Sorry to revive an old topic, but I have spotted now a glitch with FS Global Ultimate in p3d v4 after upgrading my sim. At my local airfield (ESKC, Sundbro, Sweden) a rather long, perfectly straight artificial ditch appeared (crossing one runway), which for sure was not there in v3 and is not there in real life. It looks like a glitch in the mesh data. What is weird that it only shows up under v4, so I guess it's just better to go for the new next generation version, which is, I hope, error free also in v4.
  10. Got the cloud shadows back by reverting back to the default shaders in PTA and disabling the Ultimate Realism pack in Options/Addons menu. Then loaded back a v4 compatible preset in PTA (the one from REX website) and a reshade preset from URP. Now I have cloud shadows finally, but it needs some tweak because they are too weak for my taste.
  11. Ok, I got the shadows back. It seems that the Ultimate Realism pack was the culprit. After I deactivated it at Options/Add-ons and reverted back the default shaders in PTA, the cloud shadows were back. Then I loaded back the PTA presets downloaded from REX (presets made for texture direct texture pack), and the shadows were still there. So basically by deactivating URP from addons, I got it working. Don't know why URP has to be an active addon in the first place, as far as I know it's just a bundle of PTA and reshade presets...
  12. I have the same problem, but with a difference that I never saw cloud shadows since I moved from v3 to v4. Latest PTA with v4 compatible presets (I tried many, also the ones from REX texture directs site). Reverting back to default shaders do not help either. Should I reinstall the client? Or delete the prepar3d.cfg to create a new one with default values? Btw, there is not even an "enable terrain to receive shadow" box in the options. Why is it?
  13. Yes, the presets I tried were specifically for v4. My weather engine is the free fsxwx, but I also do not see any shadows when I just use the default weather, like "fair weather" and such presets from the weather menu. Even reverting back to the default shaders I don't see them, which is very strange. Btw why there is no "enable terrain to receive shadow" box in the graphics options anymore? I remember having it in v3.
  14. Hello, I just freshly upgraded to p3d v4 from v3, and also installed and set up the latest PTA. Now I have a problem that there are no cloud shadows at all. I checked all the receive and cast shadow boxes, and still nothing. (btw there is no terrain receive shadow box, only cast shadow which is strange) Also tried emptying the shader cache folder and putting back the original shaders from backup but no use. What can be the problem? I had such a nice cloud shadows under v3, but now nothing.
  15. szcsongor

    SLX crashes every time opened + some initial thoughts

    Ok, I think I solved the problem but I have no idea what could have went wrong. After randomly removing files from the ...\Documents\SimLauncherX folder, I found that when I removed (deleted) the SimLauncherX.P3Dv3.AircraftRatings.xml file, it did not crash after start and after closing it just recreated the file with the exact same content. Now it works... No idea why it did this. UPDATE: Now I tinkered again a little bit with flight plans. Moved the plane to the dep. airport, set it all up, then it says the flght plan can't be saved, so it also doesn't start p3d (error message in the log file: "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"). Ok, I thought I close SLX and start again making sure it's started in admin mode. And now it crashes again every time I try to start it and the method above does not work this time. I did not do anything extra with it, just tried to set up a simple flight. I give up... :(