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  1. Even after running makerunway.exe and importing into P2A I've no taxiways at e.G. LOWW LTFM EDDL and some more. All those are custom sceneries from third party. Any idea?
  2. I tested it now over a couple of weeks, and yes, I'm sure. The only thing of course I didn't know is, is it only me.
  3. I assume I found the issue (on my PC) The Real Traffic Launcher shouldn't minimize during the flight. When I keep the window open (back behind the MSFS e.g.) the QNH will be updated. When I minimized the window it will not.
  4. Hi Nico, since the last update, more aircraft than ever before are "dancing" at the gate or parking across the gate. Back to 32.9.4 solve this for me. Any ideas?
  5. The window can't be minimized. No option available. Is it just me?
  6. I'm not sure if I'm smart enough to follow you, or we talk about completely different things. My understanding is, if an aircraft 10NM away from me on FL 390, and I'm on FL 370 it should show me in the TCAS +20 and not +22 or +18 e.g. When both on STD setting for QNH
  7. I double checked it now. The underlying local QNH is 1020. But regardless which local QNH is used, the difference are always + - 300-400 feet.
  8. Well, those rules are the same for every plane. So please explain, why it works on VATSIM, there I see the correct FL but not in PSXT? If a plane 10NM ahead of me, we should have the same altitude 39000 + 7*30= 39210 feet. But this isn't the case, the other plane is always + or - shown in the TCAS
  9. There is no local QHN above the transition altitude. There is a standard QNH 29.92 (1013.2) which all aircraft use, to make sure all on the same pressure. Local QNH doesn't matter above the transition altitude. PSXT always shows the local QNH from the nearest weather station, given by Real Traffic
  10. Yes, my MSFS weather always corespondents with the local weather (Live weather) or STD after transition altitude. I'm flying with VATSIM and if no ATC there flying with PSXT. Never ever both at the same time. What I mean is, I see in VATSIM the right altitude of the other aircraft but with PSXT as shown above with a difference, which should not be. In the real Traffic radar the altitude is correct, but it comes on TACS with a difference.
  11. Depending on the altitude, local QNH or STD in the plane. The flight shown is ITY1289 and regarding real traffic on FL390 Will say, in fact that it works with VATSIM/MSFS it should word with PSTX as well.
  12. PSXT doesn't switch to STD (1013) Shows always the QNH from the nearest weather station (from Real traffic)
  13. Because the FL are always numbers like 360/370/380 etc. When I'm on FL360 I shouldn't see another flight in cruise who is 1600 FT below or 2400 FT above me. e. g.
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