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  1. Any ideas and possible solution why some traffic is sunken or hovering?
  2. UPDATE Found a workaround, rename the folder IVAO_MTL in ivao_x-csl and the liveries are shown in MSFS.
  3. Hello, I downloaded the new IVAO MSFS MTL, but they are not recognized by PSXT Any plans to make them usable? Kind regards
  4. When I adjust the descent rate from 2400FpM down to 2000FpM the ToD moves from 301NM down to 286NM No adjustment on GS. I can't see the logic here? The opposite will be expected. (Public Beta 6)
  5. Route:EFHK NUNTO Y369 REKDO DCT DEMIR N872 LILSI Z310 WOODY EBBR P2ATC did ignore all my SID settings for RW and SID (Force is ticked) and assigned me a complete different SID which is not in my flight plan. (VALO3F via VALOX) Looks like P2A isn't aware of RW 22R Since the last update (not beta) I didn't get proper SID (AIRAC is current) and mostly the RW didn't match the weather. (NOAA live weather set.) Sim is MSFS Any ideas?
  6. I changed nothing on my PC since month now.
  7. Since three days I've to deactivate and activate my license daily. Issue on my side or issue on server side? Cheers
  8. Same here but only on the Airports. In the air everything is ok.
  9. So far so good, but my intention is not to get a DIR to the airport. I'd rather request a DIR to a waypoint.
  10. I've built in the X-ATC-Chatter into P2A but P2A plays always the chatter from the top to the bottom and not random. So it makes absolutely no sense to use the plugin for the X-AT beside P2A
  11. Please if there is any chance for the next version 1) Night mode for the map 2) Direct to request 3) MOST important: Random ATC background chatter playing. ( I'm so tired of EHAM chatter in the background) 😄 Cheers and thx
  12. Hi David, since the last update the pronounced center names are complete nonsense ATLANTIC One Niner Two Three Contact SKOPJECOUNTYNTROL Center on One One Niner Decimal Three Seven enjoy your morning What should that be? Cheers
  13. This happens after disconnect from SIM and then shutting down P2ATC
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