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  1. That worked, thank-you so much Guenter.😀 Glenn Asher
  2. Hi, I've been trying to combine two functions to one switch on Saitek Switch Panel to be able to turn on and start the APU in my NGXu. This is probably my 500th attempt. What am I doing wrong? Using the latest LINDA, FSUIPC (reg) and latest 737NGXu profile. Any help would be much appreciated. function NGX_APU_on () ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+118, PMDG_ClkL) ipc.sleep(50) NGX_APU_start() ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+118, PMDG_ClkL) NGX_APU_show() Thanks, Glenn Asher
  3. After V0.2.23 update MMB does not work. When pressed the camera slews sideways and upside down. No UI visible either. MB View Selector works if it is selected by itself. MB Zoom works by itself. MB Pan and Tilt is the problem.
  4. I was about to post the same question. Maybe the ability to assign a hot key press to toggle the scroll zoom on or off.
  5. Scratch that. My bad, I had the "Disable Smooth Zoom and Static Mode" enabled.
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