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  1. Hello, here is what Ryan said about my ticket : "This isn't modeled in the current version. It's something that's on the list for the future. I have no ETA on another update to the NGX, sorry. Our focus is on the 777 right now." Question : What does he mean with "ETA"?
  2. Hello, scandinavian13, what do you mean by a "ticket" ? Is it a mail I can send them ? Tk you
  3. Yes of course you are right ! But they have already gone so far in simulation that it's strange. Hope in SP2..
  4. Hello, I know the PMDG 737's FMC is very realistic but today, i have a big problem. I have watch this video : about the real FMCS and I think it is impossible to do the same thing. For exemple how to create a false waypoint with its coordinates in NAV DATA page ?thanks a lot
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