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  1. After several years absence, due to a HDD death, I am re-installing FSX to continue my love of flying (simulated) helicopters and once again hunting through internet forums to find those essential "fixes" that make the hobby fun. One thing I cannot seem to find is Jordan Moore's flight dynamics fix for the default Bell 206B It was once available on Hovercontrol, but the site has sadly disappeared and although the web archive lists the page(s) from which to download, it appears that the file itself was never cached. So (finally) my question is ... does anyone know if/where this file was mirrored and still available for download? Cheers, K (PS. "Get the Dodosim 206" does not answer my question 😜 )
  2. The real-world R22 does not have a beacon light, only a strobe, so the aircraft.cfg light fix in the first post is the correct one to use, but it is only halfway there; you also need to change the light fx entry to fx_strobe, as follows. :light.3 = 2, -18.90, 0.04, 2.58, fx_strobe This information was verified by a panel image search, reference to the R22 POH, and internal/external video of the real-world R22 startup procedure. Something a "purist" would have done.
  3. ATIS should be confirmed as close to departure as possible - for GA aircraft, this can be done at the hold as part of a VFR clearance. IFR is usually confirmed earlier (often at pushback) to make sure the pilot has set the altimeter correctly (as part of a checklist). The reason for confirming the QNH is because it is THE most important piece of information in the ATIS - if you have not set your altimeter correctly then you will be flying at the wrong altitude, which can cause you problems with, to name a few, other traffic, landing in IMC conditions, Autopilot not slamming you into the ground and mountains!!!
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