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  1. pendrell

    Realair Turbine Duke clicking sound

    This loads the Turbine Duke without the clicking sound on my setup (P3D v4.5): Start P3D. On the start screen (not on the runway at Eglin), change vehicle to the Mooney Acclaim. Still on the start screen, select your departure airport and location on the field. Load the scenario and keep the Mooney's engines running. Change to the Turbine Duke. As in all things flight sim, your mileage may vary.
  2. pendrell

    PMDG MD11 engine cut out problem

    Does your throttle or joystick have controls for prop and fuel mixture? Make sure they're both fully pushed in (or turned up or whatever). At the cutoff setting, the MD11 engines will shut down when you try to apply the throttles for the first time. Charles Nadeau
  3. Shutting down ASN and starting it up again midflight got rid of the flickers for me.
  4. pendrell

    FS2Crew AXE panel showing as black bar

    In my case, the "black bar" FS2Crew panels seemed to happen after installing the Airbus service packs. The panel.cfg file would get new window objects at positions 20 to 25, which created duplicate entries for the windows used by FS2Crew listed at the same positions. I deleted the new window entries and it seemed to fix the panel conflicts.
  5. FYI, video from Kyle explaining what might be going on: Charles Nadeau
  6. Might also be a hardware problem with your throttle. Kyle (scandanavian13) has a post somewhere explaining the technical details, but an early descent puts you in Hold mode -- basically manual thrust. If your throttle is pulled all the way back at the top of descent, you'll go into a dive unless you take over the throttles. Try a VNAV descent without DES NOW or touching the throttles. Pull the throttles all the way back before starting the descent. Charles Nadeau