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  1. ben2491

    Small problem with PNF callouts

    Hey Guys, I have a very small problem with the pnf callouts. I'm using Fs2Crew so I disabled the default PNF callouts but I still get the "Rotate" call at takeoff. I have this problem since I own the 777 (over a year) - and I installed all updates, also reinstalled it a few times since I have it. It doesn't bother me but I'm still curious what the reason could be. Thank you! Ben
  2. So, I uninstalled my NGX and the reboot again, cleared my registry, restarted my computer, installed everything again, restarted my computer and have still the same problem... this is getting frustrating :/
  3. Yes I own it, but before I installed the reboot I completely uninstalled the legacy version and the NGX and then I made a clean reinstall (without the legacy of course) - 737 NGX incl. update 1d + Fs2Crew Reboot. I also use Fs2Crew for the 777 and everything works fine there. When I'm home tonight I'll reinstall everythig again but I don't have much optimism because I had a clean installation of the 737 already. Maybe I have to check the registry for any data that might cause problems
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding: I do that too. I start the flight in the PMDG default state, I wait until the aircraft is ready (green bar, 17-20 seconds) then I go to the FMS and load the PMDG Panel state (short or long - another green bar 17-20 seconds). I also tried to start Fs2Crew without loading any default panel state (engines running) but the same error message occurred...I also tried to reinstall, but nothing changed :(
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Bryan! Unfortunately that didn't work... I have the SDK line in my ini. NGX file, the FSX (running as admin) is not installed in the default program folder and I don't use a saved situation, only the default PMDG short/long state
  6. Hello guys, sorry that i come up with a problem already :/ When I want to start the Fs2Crew panel there comes the error message: PMDG SDK failed to initialize. I have a fresh NGX install with service pack 1d, 2D panel at startup, the Pmdg short turnaorund panel state loaded and I did everything according to the manual/tutorial. I'm using button control and SOP2 is activated.The NGX is not my default startup aircraft. Thanks for your help! Ben
  7. I have the same problem like NATK50.. any help would be great!