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  1. I purchased the Maam Sim B-25 for FSX a few days ago and have yet to receive my download email. Can you please help me get this? Thanks
  2. Thank you for your replay. Finally had time to do some experimenting and it appears to be an issue with Gate 45. Whenever I click on the SODE menu, the jetway flips and connects with the terminal. It says that the jetway is too far to connect. Very strange. It appears that Gate 43 and others close to it work fine and the SODE jetway connects to the plane perfectly.
  3. I recently purchased KHOU and have been unable to get GSX Level 2 to work with the scenery. I followed their video to exclude the jetways and still both jetways appear. SODE starts with the jetway up against the terminal and says it is unable to connect. Can you please guide me on what I need to do or let me know if there is a fix coming? Thanks
  4. Thank you. I did not take into consideration the offset.
  5. Your KAMA scenery is great. Thanks for your work on this. I was landing on RWY 22 and noticed that the localizer had me lined up well right of the runway heading to the left of it. It eventually tried to land me in the grass to the left of the runway and I had to correct at the last minute. I checked it with the new ADE 1.75 and it shows a heading of 222. The RWY 4 heading is 49.5 so I am pretty sure the ILS heading for RWY 22 should be 225.9, but I am not 100% sure? I do not think I can correct this on my own with ADE without ruining the airport. Can you take a look at this for me and if I am correct, can you out this in your next fix? Thanks
  6. Thank you Bryan. Understood. I have an earphone mic so that is the issue. Let me tell you that I have been flying simulators for over 20 years and this is a great product! It is very realistic and makes it much easier than having to do everything by yourself. We have all been waiting on the advanced aircraft that are now here and it is tough, next to impossible for one person to do everything in the cockpit by the book. Thank you and your team for the hard work!
  7. I just checked FSX, PMDG and FS2Crew and I have all sound going thru the headset. I do not hear the "Let's get setup" at the beginning when I play the preflight events. I did however hear the FO "I am out for the walk-around" but it was thru my system speakers. I am guessing that all these sounds are coming thru my system speakers but have all set for the headset.
  8. Yes. I have it set for the FO to handle the preflight events.
  9. I recently purchased the NGX Reboot and have been using the Button version with no issues. I started using the Voice version when I got a headset and the FO doesn't say "I am out for the walk-around" nor do I get the FA asking if the can start boarding. I have done a lot of searching thru the forum and went back to the OPS Manual to make sure I have everything set up correctly. I am sure it is something I am doing incorrectly but cannot figure it out. Can you help? Thanks
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