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  1. Folks..i will continue to pursue...more tweaking and tricks..i may have bitten off more than I can chew...on this "high octane" I7-7700K w/Nividia GTX 1070 All I was hoping was hoping for was "nice smooth framerates and that ultimate fluidity..while flying the skies..no where near it at present... To all my fellow fsx pilots...you are "honored"! Respectfully, Chris
  2. Understood... I suppose my "learning curve" with all the new stuff...will take plenty of patience..:-) thank you..for replying! Chris
  3. Ok..got a couple of replies.thank you.!.. I was successful in achieving the faster sim rate(16x) to fly long and/or short to medium distance early in the installation..granted I've added some payware scenery, but no payware aircraft I've added AI Aircraft but not a massive amount..I was hoping this set up w/I7-7700K GTX 1070 without overclocking would allow FSX and or FSX-Steam to process..lots of "info" to run nice and smooth even w/16x simulation rate..((impatient I suppose, fly to London relatively quick..then fly other places in "my timely manner")) I'm happy w/my purchase..of my pc..and happy with FSX-Steam...just curious to see..if Steam vs Box version (which allowed the 16x without much issue) was comparable..and since I am having issue with a 16x sim rate..in Steam.I was hoping to get a trick..to remedy..it.... Thanks for the advice.from my fellow simmers! respectfully, Chris
  4. hello folks, Got a brand "spanking new" I7-7700K GTX-1070 Nividia Card and installed FSX-Steam Initially, all seemed really nice..! I set framerate at 35 just to get an idea and after adding AI and some sceneries..i was still successful..then returning to FSX-Steam next day I'd climb out of any airport.then switch to 16x simulation rate and the FPS went from 35..to 0.1...and would fluctuate..up to 1.1.(basically just stopped in midair) and never regained a 35... Got any tips? is there a workaround..? Your input appreciated.!
  5. Glad you posted this...i'm getting ready for the new gaming pc..myself..and have my box version as well...also have the FSX-Steam but it just wouldn't do the trick..on my I3-3220.. Yes..i'll catch up..soon.....i've long for better FPS..and fluidity..within the game....hope the new pc..can handle it... Thanks again for posting...
  6. Folks, My AI Aircraft DJC airbuses (A319,A320,A318) are parked at GATE and noticed just now..they begin to slowly spin away from the jetway in a circle fashion.. the links are aligned to a taxiway correctly..via the ADE current version...these aircraft just start moving..in a circle as if trying to leave..but departure time..is in sleep mode.. Need some tips..on causes...and if a remedy...could be offered... (Scratching my head again...needing some help) Regards, Chris
  7. If i'm thinking right based on what you posted...try hovering your mouse a little bit over the icon on taskbar..and right click to pull up menu that has the word: "maximize"..should bring it up...it happened to me...and still does occasionally. Hope this helps..some.. Chris
  8. More great input....I am honored...for the feedback....we learn as we go! I see these "youtube" videos..of almost flawless...FPS with a FSX or FSX-SE or P3D...and tell myself...thats where i want to be! lol! Regards, Chris
  9. Great comments and tips...and you all reaffirmed..that my current system..may need upgrading..and I agree..the 3.3ghz I have runs the FSX Deluxe\Acceleration version fairly well..(always could be better) ..it's the FSX-SE that I was hoping to get at least the same..one item that DaveCT2003 mentioned were the FSX-SE graphics settings...I attempted to mock...the FSX Deluxe\Acceleration with same settings..but may have asked my PC too much to try and duplicate...I could lower those and see what it does...BUT...i need to start to pick up those "aluminum cans" on the side of the road to go into my NEW PC FUND...(grinning a bit). Thanks for the upfront tips...I'm hoping to try FSX-SE again...and Prepar3D also looks like a "Neato Mosquito!' but that's later... Respectfully, Chris
  10. For all the Steam users...may I ask if you are enjoying STEAM and what PC you have to make it enjoyable? I have a Gateway: I3-3220 Dual Core 6GB DDR3 Memory Intel HD Graphics:w/HDMI cable to monitor 1TB Hard Drive I have tried multiple times to use FSX-SE based on it's minimum pc requirements; however, was not able to enjoy a ["fluid" experience with MY current pc]*...I sought all the tips/tricks to get it going but as i added sceneries..FSDT for starters..with NO traffic and one lonely plane at the airport..the FPS...was horrific.... I am not scolding Dovetail or developers...it's a great product...i'm sure..for pc's other than mine.. *[Fluid Experience:=How i long for the day...to fly FSX or FSX-SE or PD3 with smooth FPS with no noticeable studders...CAN I GET THERE-SIMMER FAMILY? Respectfully, Chris
  11. Heck..enjoying the beta videos...and looking forward..to the next version! waiting patiently....:-) Thank you from all us simmers!!! Chris
  12. Weird event: I have my settings set..and pick and chose the SIDS/STARS airports i want AI Controller to activate..i flew from JFK to ORD then to DFW on a AA Vistaliner 727 (yes, i'm retro junky) I have DFW FS Dreamteam begin my descent.my pc pauses to load scenery aspects so i patiently wait..while in mid-air/ then after it loads..start to land the aircraft..MY joystick loses it's functionality! No flaps, no reverse engines, no steering "my poor passengers screaming out their lungs" Has anyone had this occur? if so...have you got a remedy? I'm clueless....again! :-)
  13. I'm early with this program..but note: I'm hooked.!!..gonna read the improvements...and fixes...thanks to the developer and/or developers! Awesomeness!! :-)
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