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  1. Hello, I just now installed Tomatoshade, I turned off Dynamic Reflections and it makes my fps go from 20-30 to max of 15. I know it has very bad performance on some PC's and others not. Any way to fix this?
  2. Ok, it isn't ORBX I uninstalled everything to do with ORBX.
  3. Yes, it isn't that It not on the water it's on land and mostly on roads.
  4. Yea, I reinstalled OpenLC and Global nothing
  5. Hello, I've been seeing when I am flying I see like it's night or water on the road. I have P3d v4.3 ORBX global ORBX OpenLC NA ORBX Vector http://prntscr.com/l0jmrm
  6. Well I tried to uninstall it again and it magically worked thanks
  7. Yes, I did uninstall the 744, then installed the base 744, then the 748.
  8. I only have 17 pages and on pg 16 it's warning sys and it doesn't say "EFB installed"
  9. Oh okay, thanks didn't see that. :)
  10. Hello, just picked up the 748 and the efb is not there it is a cup holder in a place where it should be. I went through the FMC/doc's couldn't find anything.
  11. Hello, I just installed p3d4.3 and when I installed the immersive audio both cfm and cockpit. Nothing has changed what so ever it worked fine in 4.2 Thanks
  12. Hello, I haven't played p3d v4 in a while and I start it up and I am getting 10-20fps in the default F-22 on the ground at a default airport. I deleted everything p3d created and reinstalled it and its nothing still the same with default settings its fine but when I go for my normal settings it just dumps my frames. CPU: I5-4690K GPU: R9 390X 8GB RAM:16GB Thanks
  13. There is nothing wrong with it but I would like to get more, my pc should be able to handle it.
  14. Okay, sorry about that I have a I5-4690K with a R9 390x with 8GB VRAM 16GB if mem. Yea, man I get 30 fps on the gnd at a default airport even worse at an addon airport if you could share your settings so I could test just trying to get my sim running better. :)
  15. Hello guys I've been getting 30-40 fps is this normal I have a pretty good pc.
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