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  1. Hello I have Xplane 11 and have downloaded the LNM and copied the folders into the Xplane ,where the instructions have said to put them. I cannot connect to xplane . any help on what could be wrong would be appreciated Larry
  2. I can see the order they are supposed to be in, is there a step by step method of moving them in FTX central, how do I move them
  3. I have redone the order listing in the scenery library in fsx several times and it always goes back to the mixed up version. I have looked at the scenery config file and it is like this Starting from the top FS9 World Scenery Area 001 Default Terrain Area 002 Default Scenery Area 003 Base the base continues till 1107 Then it lists thew countries then the cities then the Addon Scenery I have fsx 10 running win 7 64 bit, have several Orbx scenery, no other third party sceneries installed In the scenery library in fsx it starts with numbers then it will list some countries, then more numbers,then some countries and finally the orbx stuff. The order of the numbers are not in order at all,it jumps all over the place How do I fix this. Forgot to say that it all started when I accidentally hit the shift key and enter key at the same time when I was looking at the scenry library and they all dissapeared , I have no idea after severeal restarts of fsx what brought them back but out of order.
  4. Hi Is there anyone on the west coast Canada /USA close to my time zone (Pacific time) that would volunteer to help test my port setup. I have tested ports with two different programs and they both pass, no errors ,yet friend cannot log in to multiplayer. His ports are also good and pass port test. I use skype to chat.
  5. Hi Is there anyone in BC or Alberta that wants to fly with me. Im in BC and would like someone in this part of the country to fly with.I usually fly with friend in Australia but time zone is a hinderance at times.
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