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  1. Make sure to check your spam folder. The email should be there. I suggest you go to the source and check the spam from the mail provider by going on their website to see your email.
  2. Please contact us via our support page for further investigation. Regards,
  3. Hey those runways are for Chuck Norris only haha Can you contact us through our support page? I would need more informations to figure out the bug.
  4. @TangoSiempre If your account was suspended please contact us via email for more explanation.
  5. Can you take a screenshot of VFXCentral, Preferences, Registry Editor.
  6. Try these steps: 1. Click the "Start" button, type "certmgr.msc" and press "Enter" to launch Windows' certificate manager. 2. Double-click "Untrusted Certificates" from the right pane and then "Certificates." 3. Right-click the certificate you wish to remove and select "Delete." 4. Click "Yes" in the confirmation window.
  7. We are trying to find why our certificate goes in the untrustworthy list. This is normally cause by manual action by the user or an antivirus/security software doing it for you. What security software are you using?
  8. Hi Ed, Is the issue still persisting? All is fine on our side I suspect a ISP issue. If the issue persist let me know through our support page of the website I have some tool to figure out where the issue is. Regards,
  9. @captain420 Did you tried what i suggested? Your WMI database is corrupted/damaged and need to be rebuilded. If you need assistance contact us via email and I can offer a teamviewer session to help you repair your Windows's WMI database. Regards,
  10. Hi, Can you check for anything that may block VFXCentral's internet connection, firewall, proxy, vpn etc. Regards,
  11. Dear Mr. Vinci, I'm sorry to hear that you are having issue with our software. The error number you are seeing mean that a component of your Windows System is in trouble (WMI). This can be caused by a reinstall of Windows by copying old system files manually or simply by a bad update of Windows. Try to reinstall the Dot Net Framework and try this utility to fix and rebuild your WMI. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff404265.aspx This links may also help you fix the issue: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/repairwmi.htm http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/336348-wmi-registration-failure Keep me informed, Michael
  12. Hi, This is caused when uninstalling PMDG 777-200-300 without deleting the aircraft folder (due to installed variant in it). Make sure you remove your 200 and 300 folders from the SimObject/Airplanes folder or reinstall the 200 and 300 variants Regards,
  13. Here's the live stream of our presentation. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=688632771339403&id=261044644098220
  14. Hi, Can you contact us via our support email? Regards,
  15. Sure you can customize all the static camera to any elevation or location on the planet.
  16. Hi, You must fix the registry path of your installed sim in VFXCentral, Preferences, Registry Editor and remove or update any path to reflect your real installation. Regards,
  17. This issue was resolved in the latest update. Simply regenerate airport data in ChasePlane.
  18. Please contact us via email for more investigation on your issue. Regards,
  19. Hi, Could you contact us via email? I would like to find out what is the cause of your issue. Regards,
  20. Hi Jason, We have in our plans to offer an offline version when the testing phase will be over. Regarding your issue I can confirm that our servers are all up and running and that no outtage were recorded. Could you verify if you have access to fsfxpackages.com from your pc? I would recommand to reboot your computer and network router/modem in an attempt to fix your issue. Regards,
  21. Do you have a log file on your desktop?
  22. Hi Nat, What product are trying to install? Do you have the required aircraft for the requested product? Regards,
  23. We released an update can you verify that it fixed your issue?
  24. Well since I'm not perfect it looks like I did something wrong. We are already aware of that and we are checking for the coexistence of fsx and fsx:se to determine where the cfg is located but we didn't notice that the script seems to always check for fsx.cfg and not fsx_se.cfg so I have to take a look at this behaviour and fix it. It should be fixed by the end of the weeks in the next update.
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