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  1. Hi everone, I was searching for a sub-forum for ProAtc to post my problem, but couldnt find it so excuse me if I am posting in the wrong place. My problem is that ProatcX sometimes gives me wrong instructions, like maintaining a high altitude during approach or sometimes follow different headings than the original route. latest example was today in route from LHBP to LOWI, instructions were to maintain 13000ft until almost 15 nm from runway! needless to say...i crashed Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. dont know what that is, but proatc has an option of importing flight plans in various formats, so I would say yes
  3. Bought ProatcX 3 days ago, I was also ATC-less and was getting board of erroneous fsx atc approaces and annoying voice. So far I can say that I am really pleased with proatc, the background atc chatter really gives it a whole new level or realism. appraches are dead on, and the voice is miles better than fsx. very easy to set up, and it also has a flight planner which is a plus. Have tried voxatc but really didnt like the interface, plus is didnt have a flight planner. forgot to mention that it automatically imports the flight plan into fms, also a lovely feature is the copilot and checklists and the heading assisted guidance to runways and gates...simply love it
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