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  1. Did sounding some time to continue on the falcon? :)
  2. Please don’t take this as a begging request or something but as a way to spark your interest for a new challenge :).
  3. May I suggest to leave the ceiling liner without logos? That is a tad to much and not done anymore these days 🙂. you really hit this PBR dailed in. One suggestion: On the Maddog they did make different designs for the lightbulbs within the switches. Means a switch that is constantly used has a more worn out light bulb and dim illumination while a switch that is rarely used is more intense. As this is done on a texture level maybe you could include touches like this. And the Falcon is old enough to have a ton of light bulbs in the cockpit 😉. Let me know if you want to consider this and if you want to be hocked up with the expert on Leonardo’s end maybe.
  4. P3d v5 or v4? v4 looks fine to me if you do no get crazy with the shaders.
  5. Any more Falcon porn you can share? 🙂
  6. Now we are talking. Only have to convince Mark to make the HSI 3D ball shaped. At the moment it is more flat.
  7. Quick question: will you include special reflectivity for the glass instruments as part of the PBR? 🙂
  8. I would also love the see the slightly higher fuel burn of the middle engine 😉.
  9. Two words for you: word not allowed yeah!
  10. I disagree. I find the fuel burn to be almost spot on with real world tables and I do not like an overpowered aircraft.
  11. Basically everything that has been added for 1.9H.
  12. The recent flights show values very close to operating manual. I will report if I find a corner case.
  13. Set the installed Transponder to the last setting of the left knob. them you can change it on the GTN.
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