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  1. The recent flights show values very close to operating manual. I will report if I find a corner case.
  2. Set the installed Transponder to the last setting of the left knob. them you can change it on the GTN.
  3. Hi ark i think you misunderstood me. The weight entry is fine. I would expect that the GWT would go down during the flight because of the burnt fuel. tjat is not the case 😉.
  4. Interesting bug with 1.9H: The GWT stays at the value set before takeoff is not going down in value during the flight.
  5. Depends on the AOC NLH - Nordstar NRS - Rednose NSW - Nordic NAN - Norship You are welcome.
  6. That is also what Mark told me for 1.9G.
  7. So, how to get it to do that again? Dod work on the Flight1.😕
  8. He literally spend hours chatting with me today and adding new features to plane as we were talking. Just to let you know about the great attitude.
  9. I think we can neglect this because the Falcon will not cruise there and will bust through these altitudes rather quick wouldn’t it?
  10. Thx will check it out with different wheights, speeds and altitudes in the 30s to FL410. personally I would favor high over low but than the takeoff power is off, isn’t it?
  11. That is clear, but nor working with the RXP. It does with the Flight1. However, it seems that Gazzareth has a point here.
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