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  1. ppgas you need to be more specific: please indicate where you select "'show simulaator position..etc''
  2. Hello,cannot update Little Nav Map to latest Cycle 2307,I am on cycle 2304 and it says no updates availalble,what is going wrong?thanks,benibaz.
  3. Hello,I have installed the latest LittleNavMap Windows 2.8.10 64bit for MSFS2020, and is not updating to the latest AIRAC cycle 2304,still stuck on 2207,what is happening?
  4. MSFS2020 not displaying in Scenery Library in Little Nav Map
  5. Hello,there is no NDB displayed at New Galloway(NGY)on LNM,I have Little Nav Map 2.6.17 FSX,Other NDB's are showing.I have tried using different settings in the Scenery Library but non seem to display NGY,what am I doing wrong?please can you advise.Thanks.benibaz.
  6. Hello,when I am using FSX or MSFS I see can my own aircraft,I can see the orange ones and also the red ones,but what I cannot see is the ATC display on LittleNavMap,I have gone into options,Online Flying,Online Service and checked VATSIM,selected apply,then OK but nothing happens,what am I doing wrong.Thanks.benibaz
  7. Thanks,but can I not select an independant server.
  8. Hello,hanhamreds,please can you help me how to change servers.thanks.
  9. Sorry,got confused,accept my apologies.
  10. It's impossible for me to have an Ethernet connection because I live on a camping site in Spain,so Wifi is the only option.I am having to re-install the DeLuxe upgrade and this is a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/Sq04lfu
  11. Thanks for the advice,I am on a WiFi connection the download speed indicates <2Mbits/s,but my Wifi speedtest indicates >20Mbits/s.So what is happening?
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