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  1. Thank you airernie for your reponse,I like LNM,so it is a bit dissapointing that it can not be edited,so looks like I will have to use Plan-G instead.benibaz.
  2. Thank you John,so is it possible that the LittleNavmap mapping program can be edited to erase the background airfield?thanks.benibaz
  3. I have a problem with LittleNavMap,when want to add an airfield I get a double image of the airfield,what am I doing wrong?
  4. I'm only interested in MSF2020,so why should I have to pay a monthly subscription for other games that don't interest me.I want to pay only for the MSF2020 nothing more nothing less.
  5. Hello FrankT,I suppose I can live without the strobe light as all the other lights are now funcioning including nav and beacon,also the Autopilot has been resolved at least altitude and heading which will do for me as I only fly VFR (with the help of LittleNav Map).Apparently the Carenado C172N was never fitted with an Autopilot,so I managed to get some help from the flight sim community on how to install one for this a/c.Thanks again for your help. benibaz.
  6. Hello fsafranek,I have downloaded and installed a second and even a third time but still get the same result (: benibaz.
  7. Hello all,I recently purchased the Carenado Cessna Skyhawk C172N from FightSim Pilot Shop and half the switches do not function.I have contacted the Carenado technical support but have not received any reply(see img) https://imgur.com/a/NVS4sLf also have a msg saying the Air File is damaged(see img) https://imgur.com/kzH7oRj can anyone please help me.Thanks.benibaz.
  8. Ok Thanks Ozric will double check.benibaz.
  9. Hello all,I have a problem with tileproxy in that it will not change the .INI file to the settings I want,for example : I want to use Virtual Earth as the internet service,but when I change the .INI file and then afterwards run the proxyfile.exe, it still stays the same with "Acme Globe Service" as the service name and menu_sources and source,(there is nothing in the proxy user .INI that mentions Acme)it will not change to Virtual Earth.Can somebody please help me to resolve this problem.Thanks.benibaz.
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