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  1. Firstly a sincere apology to Jean-Luc and the crew, and a thanks for asking a pretty dumb question - "have you updated P3Dv3 to the latest version?" I can't believe I didn't update P3D before highlighting the issue. To be fair also can't believe this one slipped through early versions of P3Dv3 There is obviously a difference in how the RXP guys are coding the AP behavior as the competition GNS430 (M....tar) didn't exhibit the behavior on my set up which is why I never considered it a P3D issue. Anyway suffice to say it's fixed and all modes I've tested work brilliantly. Lesson for all. If you are having any issues update your build to latest release, even if it is a bit of a pain as is the case for P3D. I was avoiding it as I had a nice stable build and didn't want to break it PatrickF
  2. Jean-Luc, I've done some more testing and am experiencing the issue more broadly. When I am in NAV mode and select a different waypoint using the direct to key the GPS all works fine but as outlined above the autopilot doesn't respond correctly. It may be isolated to my own set up, although I am running a clean P3D V3 rig and testing on default aircraft so would be surprised if this was the case. I will wait until I have installed the upcoming update to do more testing and report back. regards
  3. Jean-Luc, I'll try a few more combinations. As I said GPS working fine - just not commanding aircraft in NAV or GPSS mode when waypoints changed in FPL. Probably easiest if I do a very short piece of video to illustrate - hard to explain in shots. Will when I get back to machine. thx
  4. Thanks, I am sure it is AP coupling related in some form. The response in the GNS is exactly as expected and in each case the new waypoint, or route is highlighted in magenta in the FPL and map on the unit. It is also sent correctly to the CDI needles, or glass in the Cirrus case The updated NAV instruction or flightplan just isn't sent to the plane and the plane continues to follow an old NAV command. It's as if changing in the FPL doesn't initiate a trigger/reset /refresh Have also noted the issue is the same whether you add waypoints to an existing plan or highlight different ones and use -> I'll keep playing and log any other patterns I notice. PatrickF
  5. Firstly Jean-Luc and the guys - great job !! Have been waiting for this since Christmas and it hasn't disappointed. I swung over to P3D some time back but have been frustrated with no realistic 430 to practice IFR. Don't expect to get the 10+ years of use I got out of version 1 but am looking forward to pushing it. Have come across an issue that I'm pretty sure is a bug. I first noticed it when I added an approach to a flight plan then couldn't get the Autopilot to pick up a change to selected way point. Am using the standard keying - FPL then curser to pick new target waypoint then -> to activate direct to or ->/-> to activate leg. All works fine in the GPS but autopilot, and plane stays on last leg selected. After this I have tried it when doing en-route way point changes with same result. Have tried doing a switch to HDG and back to NAV to reset but no joy. Have also tried various combinations of GPS to autopilot in the settings screen. Finally tried it in the base C172 to make sure it wasn't a problem with the CIrrus I was in but am getting same result. Hope we can fix. regards PatrickF
  6. Thanks Ed, not a problem - it's all working fine. Thought it was worth checking that I hadn't missed something as the DA40 is listed as a supported style for the G1000.ini file (style 6) regards
  7. I have the Mindstar G1000 and it is working beautifully. I have installed it successfully in a number of Aircraft both with AFCS and separate Autopilots. I have a working version of each in the Lionheart DA40 using the Diamond DA-40 style. I have not been able to do a version with the GFC-700 buttons on the MFD only as in the real aircraft. ref: I have tried combining the Non AFCS PFD with the AFCS MFD but this doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to achieve it ? PatrickF
  8. Ed, thanks to your support guys for great service this morning. Still a couple of little glitches but they have solved the key fault, and uncovered a couple of buried issues to sort. Happy to say the package is fantastic now it's working. Thanks again guys - great service. PatrickF
  9. Jean-Luc, Christmas a week late. I'm stunned - thx ! Just dropped onto the RXP site to check if there was any file update on the old FSX 430/530 before I installed. I've swung over to P3D but have been frustrated with no realistic G430 to practice IFR so have just done just done a clean FSX install with the Eaglesoft SR20 to drop my old RXP unit into. Now I'll wait............and don't bother with any discount for me - 10+ years of fault free operation out of a piece of software is great value. regards
  10. I'm logging this one here to keep track of it. Ed, we've swapped emails for a while but still don't have an answer. Have current versions of Eaglesoft's SR20 and SR22 and have purchased and installed the Mindstar Avidyne Entegra and GNS430 and STEC-55 combination. The Avidynes are working but the twin 430 units both drop out (i.e. go blank) after about one minute of operation. Licencing comes up all green. I have reinstalled with fresh files form Eaglesoft and Mindstar on a clean build but same result. regards
  11. Thanks Ed, I'll drop you mine when I get back home rgards
  12. Ed, I've posted separately but have a similar problem with anew install of Mindstar Cirrus deck in P3D last night. I have no external hardware except pedals and joystick but do have FSUIPC installed for other reasons. I can't get the 430 units switched on at all. Can get mouse to "see" button but won't switch on. Could this be a FSUIPC conflict of some sort with this gauge ? Any help welcome
  13. Caio, Ed, Any update on this one ? I purchased and installed the Mindstar Avidyne pack for the Cirrus in P3d last night. PFD and MFD all good. Can click on buttons on Garmins (hand appears) but can't switch on - black screen. Cycled Avionics switch but still dead. thanks