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  1. foges


    have the DA40 reloaded if you still want files. Regards

    1. RADO


      Hi mate, 

      Many thanks for your answer. 

      Sure I'd like to download if possible. 

      Can you pls navigate me how to, as I am not very familiar with avsim forum. 

      Btw do you have any experience of how to make it work in ALABEO DA42? I have one from Eaglesoft and it all work perfectly , but not very happy with the functionality of the airplane in general. I've found Alabeo much more realistic to the real plane from experience. 

      Thank you in advance for your help. 

      Kind regards, 


  2. No problems, Just spotted this. Someone else has asked as well. Only issue is that I have to reinstall after a rebuild a year or so ago. Happy to send my config files once I reinstall. The implementation looked really good from memory with only a tiny bit of bleed thru in VC mode on the G1000 buttons. PatrickF
  3. Ed, it's taken me a while but I've updated to latest G1000 build and updated P3D. I still have an issue with A: A. I can save a plan, or start a new one on the FPL catalogue page but when I try to activate, or load a saved one I get a locked "loading" error.(MFD FPL page 2) I've deleted the FPL files in my user data a few times and rebuilt them. Flight plans save but I can't open. Have checked again and am running everything as an administrator. As part of the update I've picked up another issue. D. I can no longer Zoom in the virtual cockpit in any aircraft using the Mindstar G1000. It's not a hug issue but does make it hard for IFR practice. In all aircraft not using the G1000 (including those using your GNS430) I can still zoom.It's as if the _/+ keys have been overwritten. I've looked through all recently written ini files and can't find any suspect references. Any thoughts, or should I reach out to Support ? regards Patrick F
  4. Thanks Ed, appreciate the quick reply over what should be a break.. So to update just download latest file and install over existing ? Look after yourselves PatrickF
  5. Ed, firstly hope all you guys on that side of the (big) pond are doing ok. I've been using your products for many years, both the GNS and the G1000 with updates on the Nav Data. I have the G1000 in a pretty good copy of our actual plane (Mooney Ovation) and it works very well. I have recently been using the G1000 a lot more for practice as I'm doing an instrument rating and have a couple of minor issues that I'd like to check. A. I can save a plan, or start a new one on the FPL catalogue page but when I try to activate, or load a saved one I get a locked "loading" error.(MFD FPL page 2) B. The FPL window on the PFD closes the FPL page on the MFD and vice versa. I assume this is just a choice you guys made to save a process thread ? C. The GPS will sequence to final destination when you pass an intermediate waypoint on a circular flight plan rather than sequencing to the next leg. Happy to provide more info but thought I'd check first if any of these are known. Separate question - the ini file has an option to check for updates but the web site says it is for future. As far as I know I've never updated. Are there any patches, or updates for the G1000 ? Look after yourselves, and thanks again for a great product Patrick F (Aus)
  6. Ed, I have the Mindstar G1000s, and the Avidyne glass and the Mindstar 430s (with the STEC gauge) in the Eaglesoft Cirrus. It mentions on your web site that you need a separate licence to use the Stec on other planes - and it does come up locked 🙂 I am looking to match a Stec 55 with the G1000 without AFCS in a Mooney frame (to match real life). I can't find anywhere to buy/activate the STEC separately. Is it available, and does it work with the Mindstar G1000 ? Failing that does anyone have an STEC gauge working with the Mindstar G1000s ? regards PatrickF
  7. Apologies Jean-Luc after installing latest update I've just realised I was reading an old version of the user manual ! All good - covered well in the current version. regards
  8. Thanks Jean-Luc, all good - installing simconnect fixed it. Had a look in the user manual but no details I could see there. Thanks for the location details - had no chance of finding that ! A clean P3D install does not appear to install Simconnect. My last install must have had it for something else. It would be worth adding a point in the install sequence to make sure it is installed. regards, and thanks again. On to the GTN750 !
  9. Sorry should have said, Have checked all from below and have all the files (XML etc.) in the correct locations as far as I can tell.
  10. Hi, I've just rebuilt a clean machine. Am running P3Dv3 under Win 10. Have loaded RXP GNS430 very early in build sequence - not much else on. Downloaded a fresh copy but when installed I got a SimConnect_Open failed error in the log and it wasn't working. Then went back and installed version 2.3.7 which I had working well on the previous build. Install went clean - no errors. Have Reality XP GNS V2 in the Options/Add-Ons menu and it is enabled but have no Addon option on the top menu to add/configure the RXP GNS gauge. Have loaded my old aircraft with all old config files and the units themselves work fine but the configuring menu is not available in the sim to set up and add to new aircraft. Have uninstalled and retried a couple of times. Have the GTN750 to load as well and am keen to catch the bug before I install it. Can you advise which file is the most likely culprit ? reagrds PatrickF
  11. Firstly a sincere apology to Jean-Luc and the crew, and a thanks for asking a pretty dumb question - "have you updated P3Dv3 to the latest version?" I can't believe I didn't update P3D before highlighting the issue. To be fair also can't believe this one slipped through early versions of P3Dv3 There is obviously a difference in how the RXP guys are coding the AP behavior as the competition GNS430 (M....tar) didn't exhibit the behavior on my set up which is why I never considered it a P3D issue. Anyway suffice to say it's fixed and all modes I've tested work brilliantly. Lesson for all. If you are having any issues update your build to latest release, even if it is a bit of a pain as is the case for P3D. I was avoiding it as I had a nice stable build and didn't want to break it PatrickF
  12. Jean-Luc, I've done some more testing and am experiencing the issue more broadly. When I am in NAV mode and select a different waypoint using the direct to key the GPS all works fine but as outlined above the autopilot doesn't respond correctly. It may be isolated to my own set up, although I am running a clean P3D V3 rig and testing on default aircraft so would be surprised if this was the case. I will wait until I have installed the upcoming update to do more testing and report back. regards
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