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  1. Thanks for your input. To clarify: 1. "simbrief_fpl.dat" has not yet once been created on my system. So, it's not there 2. I always run mce.exe WITH admin rights 3. I have never fiddled with access rights of the my documents folder 4. However, I have moved the my documents folder to a different drive - e:) using standard windows functionality 5. I can confirm that the Wizard program is able to create the folder itself and write files in there. Is there an access right I can grant to ensure that MCE is allowed to write files there?
  2. 12:10:7:923 -Initialized global variables 12:10:7:986 -Loaded application settings from ini file 12:10:8:10 -COM initialization Successful 12:10:8:54 -Application cleared to start 12:10:8:61 -Loaded language resources 12:10:11:169 -Successfully created application window 12:10:12:17 -Voice created successfully 12:10:12:52 -Assigned voice 12:10:12:75 -Assigned voice 12:10:12:104 -Assigned voice 12:10:12:124 -Assigned voice 12:10:13:750 -Assigned voice 12:10:14:246 -Successfuly created Recognizer 12:10:14:261 -Successfully created user interface objects 12:10:24:334 -Detected Running Flight Simulator! 12:10:24:348 -Retrieved all aircraft config files 12:10:24:362 -Checked current aircraft position and status. 12:10:24:450 -About to start app main loop 12:10:28:391 -Looking for aircraft related paths 12:10:42:557 -Setting OPS data for current airport! 12:10:42:776 -Finished setting OPS data for current airport 12:10:42:791 -Getting data from reference file! 12:10:42:869 -Finished getting data from reference file 12:10:42:886 -Adjusted settings to current aircraft 12:10:44:916 -Initializing Relevant FO 12:10:44:936 -Looking for FO name 12:10:44:949 -Found FO name 12:10:44:963 -Initialized First Officer! 12:10:44:979 -Thread waiting for speech engine to update 12:10:59:996 -Thread finished waiting for SR update 12:11:11:507 -Disabled ATC speech context 12:11:11:523 -Disabled Sim control speech context 12:11:11:539 -Disabled Checklist speech context 12:11:11:554 -Disabled Commands speech context 12:11:11:569 -Disabled Main speech context 12:11:14:23 -Enabled Checklist speech context 12:11:14:145 -Enabled Commands speech context 12:11:14:169 -Enabled Sim control speech context 12:11:14:174 -Enabled Monitoring feature 12:11:14:191 -Enabled ATC speech context 12:11:14:320 -Enabled Main speech context 12:11:14:332 -Updated speech engine settings 12:11:20:631 -Failed to generate Simbrief File 12:12:11:753 -Failed to generate Simbrief File
  3. Great, thanks! Have tried. Enabled debug=1 in ini --> success started flight in msfs --> success generated new fp in simbrief --> success loaded fp in fbw efb --> success started fiddler to monitor http(s)-calls --> success clicked on "get flight plan" confirmed in fiddler that mce received the current fp from simbrief --> success --> mce ui states "No Data Available!", though shut down mce --> success Log-File has been created (3kb). --> success --> however, only startup activity being logged --> MCE does not log activity regarding simbrief integration and file management. Can you add logging to the relevant places?
  4. As this seems to be a lost cause I have another suggestion: Would it be possible to implement a "--debug" switch that makes mce.exe log all relevant actions (incl. errors) in a log file?
  5. Still no luck. I was actually using "v3.0.18". Still "No Data Available" and no files in the folder. 😞
  6. As I wrote before: MCE requests the flight plan from Simbrief. And Simbrief sends it. I could confirm it through Fiddler (https logging). I have no issues with Simbrief at all. The problem is that MCE somehow can't process it - and no data ends up in the folder where it belongs.
  7. I can confirm through https-logging that MCE successfully receives the fight plan from SimBrief. It's definitely the handling of the data afterwards that causes the problems. And as I understand this is not fixable, correct?
  8. Calling "https://www.simbrief.com/api/xml.fetcher.php?userid=your_simbrief_id" with my Pilot-ID works flawlessly: <OFP> <fetch> <userid>your_simbrief_id</userid> <static_id/> <status>Success</status> <time>0.0312</time> </fetch> <params> <request_id>64897078</request_id> <user_id>your_simbrief_id</user_id> <time_generated>1672825454</time_generated> <static_id/> <ofp_layout>LIDO</ofp_layout> <airac>2213</airac> <units>kgs</units> </params> <general> <release>1</release> <icao_airline>EWG</icao_airline> <flight_number>4CM</flight_number> <is_etops>0</is_etops> <dx_rmk>NONE</dx_rmk> <sys_rmk/> <is_detailed_profile>1</is_detailed_profile> <cruise_profile>CI 10</cruise_profile> <climb_profile>250/300/78</climb_profile> <descent_profile>78/300/250</descent_profile> <alternate_profile>CI0</alternate_profile> <reserve_profile>RES</reserve_profile> <costindex>10</costindex> <cont_rule>15 MIN</cont_rule> <initial_altitude>27000</initial_altitude> <stepclimb_string>EDDH/0270</stepclimb_string> <avg_temp_dev>-2</avg_temp_dev> <avg_tropopause>34845</avg_tropopause> <avg_wind_comp>35</avg_wind_comp> <avg_wind_dir>255</avg_wind_dir> <avg_wind_spd>049</avg_wind_spd> <gc_distance>151</gc_distance> <route_distance>200</route_distance> <air_distance>179</air_distance> <total_burn>1364</total_burn> <cruise_tas>392</cruise_tas> <cruise_mach>.66</cruise_mach> <passengers>172</passengers> <route>LUGE2B LUGEG P605 GESKA Z711 MONAK MONA3C</route> <route_ifps>LUGEG2B LUGEG P605 GESKA Z711 MONAK MONAK3C</route_ifps> <route_navigraph>LUGE2B LUGEG P605 GESKA Z711 MONAK MONA3C</route_navigraph> </general> <origin> <icao_code>EDDH</icao_code> <iata_code>HAM</iata_code> <faa_code/> ...
  9. Okay, so the ATC pane looks normal again - I hadn't yet reswitched to "other ATC". Now that's done. I get the "Waiting on simbrief" message again. But after clicking "Get Flight Plan" I again get the "No Data Available!" message. No files downloaded to the my documents folder.
  10. I've just set up specific fw rules for MCE. That did not help yet. Thereafter, I renamed my MCE-my-documents folder, ran the factory reset procedure, wizard, and restarted. ---> MCE DID recreate a "Multi Crew Experience" folder. Now the ATC pane has changed a little - it shows the flight info with callsign, regsitration, flight rules, origin, etc. Data obviously taken from MSFS directly. I think this is how MCE looked before the simbrief integration was implemented. (Maybe the factory reset had reverted sth it shouldn't have?) I click on "Get Flight Plan" - it asks me again to supply my simbrief ID - I do. But then nothing happens. Clicking on "Get Flight Plan" doesn't do anything anymore. The screen just flashes once. No "Waiting on SimBrief" anymore. Even after restarting and retrying minutes apart.
  11. Hi Gerald, happy new year! Now I've checked again. No files are being created in the folder. We might be onto something because I have used standard windows functionality to move my "My Documents" folder to another hard drive (E:). The "Multi Crew Experience" folder has been created correctly, though. The only contents, however, are the subfolders "Checklists" and "MyVoiceScripts". I have not altered any folder permissions here. And I always start MCE "as an administrator". Reading and writing should not be a problem here. Any specific setting that I should try? Best Christopher
  12. Okay, thanks! I downloaded and installed the latest patch above. I am sitting at the stand - cold and dark - A32NX. When I click "Get Flight Plan" the right pane briefly (2-3 secs) shows "Waiting on SimBrief" - then "No Data Available!". No other messages. The FP is still not being loaded. Meanwhile, the FBW EFB loaded the active plan automatically without problems.
  13. I installed the latest patch now. The message "Invalid Simbrief ID number." is gone now. However, now the GUI says "Waiting on Simbrief" and then "No Data Avaliable!" / nothing after that. Importing the plan into FBW or Fenix (tried both) before was easy and took just one click. Could you please have another look? Can I provide you with logs?
  14. Great! Can you generate a differentiated error message: "Invalid Pilot ID" vs. "Could not parse flight plan XML"?
  15. I reposted in the better thread. Ignore this one.
  16. I downloaded v3.0.0.8 from the full download (which seems identical to the patch posted above here). I stll get SimBrief connection. My SimBrief connection to Fenix and FBW works flawlessly. In MCE I just get --------------------------- mce.exe --------------------------- Invalid Simbrief ID number. You may not be logged into your account or no flight plan exists. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I am logged in. And the FP is happily being loaded into the Fenix MCDU. Help is appreciated.
  17. Great, just downloaded it! I can't seem to get the SimBrief integration going. --------------------------- mce.exe --------------------------- Invalid Simbrief ID number. You may not be logged into your account or no flight plan exists. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I have it active in all my other add-ons. Isn't it the 5-digit code (e.g. pilot id)?
  18. Great, that's looks promising. Looking forward to seeing it!
  19. Hi Gerald, Simbrief info I'd like to be able to fetch from my PM: Block Fuel Est. Zero Fuel weight (ZFW) (optionally: TOW and LAW) Est. #PAX, Est. Cargo (t), est. payload (t) AVG wind component Cost Index planned gate departure time planned (initial) cruise flight level (if no steps) I might come up with more as soon as I find some time to fly again. I haven't had time for months 😕 Thanks for reading!
  20. Hi Gerald, do you have any updates regaring the reusability of existing A320 implementation for Fenxi A320? Would love to have my PM back soon! 🙂 Thanks!
  21. Perfect! a lot of the work for Fs-Labs, Aerosoft, and or Toliss might be reusable here...
  22. The elephant in the room is the Fenix A320. Would love to see support - I am switching now from FBW. Thanks for your ongoing upgrades!
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