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  1. flyalways

    R.I.P FSW

    yeah..I do have x-plane on my laptop and it runs really well, with addons. I am satisfy with more p3d actually.
  2. flyalways

    R.I.P FSW

    These are Japanese company made sim. . Unlike P3D and FSW, They come up with different appraoch, and let users seat back and relax and do rest flying itself. user has to just press simple button to make more fly enjoyable. So if technobrain guys given a FSW technology based platform, they might make it look more realistic.
  3. flyalways

    R.I.P FSW

    I own FSW, and was a shock news FSW became another failure from Flight School, don't worry, if you keep developing software, someday, you will get an idea and who knows you'll be success in the future. At first their intention was great, but lack of DLC and addons,, users are focus on X-plane and p3d. If I were to develop another software, I would develop a software platform based on compatible with FSX addons. If you want to keep alive this software, why don't you release SDK for free for existing users? who knows?
  4. just bought y520 few days ago and I was testing with p3d v4. installed asp4 , went to graphic setting minimal as possible gpu temperature shows less than 60 degrees, cpu less than 65, all graphic features to off, and set vsync ON. about noise level , on y520, tested on maximize graphic card setting to HIGH, then there was noise coming from fan, but if you set to less than MED settings,there wont be much problem coming noise from the fan , so you will be doing fine. I really recommend , must upgrade to 32gb ram and nvme sdd.
  5. v4.1 South Korean scenery. wanted to backup link.
  6. flyalways

    Aviation is boring

    Sorry, you makes me sound more boring. I skipped your paragraph.
  7. flyalways

    v4.2 why do I get black screen for 30 seconds?

    Ok, I did change some system settings and it took about 15 seconds now.
  8. I did clean install windows and download latest nvidia drivers and fresh copy of v4.2 . but the only thing I see is a black screen for 30 seconds then it runs perfectly normal.
  9. flyalways

    Anyone else having massive stutters in 4.2?

    I tried to update 4.2 and got same massive stutters. I format my harddrive and clean install 4.2 it works very smoothly now but loading took very long then 4.1
  10. flyalways

    CPU cooler upgrade

    I am not sure if you can get these coolers below, but, I strongly check out below they are both ultra quiet and I heard some says, they performs almost similar and identical to liquid coolers. Thermolab Trinity White LED Thermalalright macho Rev . B these coolers are somewhere between max rpm 1400~1500rpm. idle is 600rpm.. when I run P3D, it normally shows around 40 degrees, max 60 degrees.
  11. MSI GTX 960 4GB OC. Still a very reliable card.
  12. yesterday, I just bought ryzen 1600x. finally went from i5 to amd. I am done with intel I think.
  13. I was pretty amazed how still 4th generation of core i5 shows a stable 60fps. Of course, I have to turn off AI traffic and lower scenery configuation, turn AA to off FXAA OFF, for addon airports, with world and scenery HD lightning everything sets to off and scenery density set to normal. PMDG runs normal,but, I have to fly alone by myself at the airport, if I turn the AI traffic it shows a 10~15fps. also I can't use heavy addon sceneries. if I upgrade to 7th generation CPU's, it'll perform much better, but I think I am going to wait little bit more or if I can't wait then I'll just grab ryzen 7.
  14. flyalways


    I am using below sceneries.