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  1. Hi kiek, Is it possible to shut off the maximum time of parking? When I read the manual, low cost carriers stay for a maximum of 1 hour when parked live. Then they disappear. However, sometimes they do stay longer than 1 hour. Is it possible to somewhere set a parameter so aircraft stay live parked until they depart again? Thanks! 🙂
  2. Thanks, I will check it coming days. Might be a one-off problem in the session maybe 🙂
  3. Hi kiek! Just tested, the aircraft remain visible now indeed! However the return flight now doesn't move anymore... 🙂 They stay at the parking position forever, but all the rest is working (engines are on, strobe lights go on when the aircraft should actually be at the runway). Quite a nice sighting, hehe. Disco lights on the apron!
  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm using the P3D version.
  5. Hi, I have got two questions / suggestions on the latest versions of RT and PSXT. Coverage for landings I noticed that on some airports which used to have perfect handling of aircraft, that some landings are now disappearing due to aircraft landing just besides the runway. I contacted Balthasar to check this, and his response was to address this on this forum. His answer was: I suspect that problem has to do with the limited accuracy of some of the data - not enough decimals in the GPS positions. Can you post your question along with the list of airports where this happens into the PSXT forum please? Would be interesting to see if it's always the same airports. Example airports are: LEMG, LEIB, EIDW. Those three airports used to have perfect landings but are now suffering due to (maybe?) the new handling with extra decimals. Pushbacks/return flights I already addressed this in another topic, but I think the handling of return flights can/might be improved. In earlier versions, I didn't have this problem (we're talking seriously a lot of updates ago), but I noticed the following behaviour for return flights. 1. Aircraft arrives at gate and stays there 2. Aircraft receives new callsign and puts on transponder > this is where the aircraft disappears in the sim. 3. Up until the aircraft actually makes movement (pusbhack and/or taxi), the aircraft is not visible. This doesn't make any difference if you're just watching landings/take-offs along a runway, but when you're observing an entire airport it kind of reduces the immersion of the app as aircraft are suddenly disappearing from their gates and reappearing a few minutes later. I remember this problem didn't occur in earlier versions, where the aircraft received a new callsign, was "recreated" and immediately visible again until pushback starts.
  6. @kiek just to be sure that we're on the same page. I am observing at LSGG now and wanted to specify what I meant. During the time between turning on the transponder, and actually making movement (so speed > 1 knots), the aircraft is visible on RT, but not in the sim. It disappears from the gate during this time. It appears in the sim again once the moving has started, either pushback or taxi. That can either be at the gate again, or already on the taxiway. It doesn't seem to be a RT problem though because during the time that the aircraft has it's transponder on, it's visible on the RT stream. So that's why I thought maybe it could be finetuned withing PSXT.
  7. Understood, already thought so. Thanks for your quick response 🙂
  8. Hi @kiek the above problem doesn't seem to appear anymore in newer versions. Thanks for constantly enhancing the product! One thing I'm noticing though, and yes it's nitpicking, so I can understand if nothing can be done about it. I see this behaviour on several airports: - Aircraft arrives at gate - get's "live parked" - The aircraft stays there neatly, as it's supposed to - When the aircraft turns on the transponder for the return flight, however, it dissappears - Usually the aircraft appears again when the pushback has actually started, which can sometimes be quite some time later than the transponder was turned on. Sometimes the aircraft only appears when the taxi out has started, so the pushback is not visualised. Hopefully something can be done about it, I'm just sometimes wondering where did the plane go 🙂
  9. Hi, I noticed a little thing with P3D using PSXT. Some aircraft are live parked correctly, but then leave their transponder on for some time. During that time the aircraft is still live parked, but somehow when they then finally shut off the transponder (like 15-30 mins after parking), the live parked aircraft also disappears. Happens to me at EHAM, LOWW and some more airports. Maybe there's something you can do about it, it isn't happening too often though 😉
  10. Same is happening in P3D, but only sometimes. I got a Wizzair parking live over a static parked aircraft on LOWW.
  11. Hi @kiek I have just been spotting at KSFO in Prepar3D and for version - Landings: perfect! - Taxi in: perfect! - Take-off: Unfortunately still a lot of steep take-offs, and also the banking seems to come in later than usual (vs. (at KSFO take-offs are often turning right/left really quickly). - Taxi out: I noticed that some aircraft are taxiing out while looking like a parked aircraft. So no beacon lights, no engines running, no flaps. These are mostly aircraft which had arrived within the same session, parked, and then are departing again.
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