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  1. Hi all My name is rex grant and due to type of Aphasia I was unable to contiue flying ,But after many years fighting the disorder by training my brain ,the part I reqire basic planes on FSX will now be possible for the 76 year old trooper, I will probebly require the help again to to get the sim running correct. my english in now not what it was so please forgive me for that as my memory is not up to the program brains trust🙃 got an XP computer going and install FS9 2004 and after a while I was flying aroud the west country Now FSX gold is installed on my quite fast PC and the sim recomendet all sliders on full 😀 I have to get myself a new flightstick and throttle as I have been useind an old Logitech exteme pro but i used to have a Saitek X52 stick and throttle. Please wish me luck Best regards Rex.
  2. Hi Everyone, who has helped me with getting back to Flight sim (THANK YOU) I have now purchased FS Navigator and FSUIPC (wide) as recommended. and they work fine on GPS I can once again Fly the default Barron over the VFR real Scenery I had left from the last exploits on FSX. UK 2000 as sent me my Previous airports and and a couple of those have been added . As I am just flying on flight following and watching the map for my position Then call in to the require Airport to land (WONDERFULL ) But I am missing the severn bridges and other landmark as i fly over I have found that Simarket have a program that woul be perfect , But it does not mension FSX but says it is compatable with VFR real Scenery. Does anyone know it it will be OK and work on FSX. Had to edit Brain miss 🙃 function' the program function function VF-N.RYALL SOUTHWEST ENGLAND LANDMARK SCENERY. Thank you all again . Rex.
  3. Hi Just got back today on fsx on my win 7 pro 64but system I have just spent over 3 hour trying to fint a moveing map that will be compatable with my system could you please help me Regards Rex
  4. Could a member please tel me if FS Commander is compatable with win 7 pro 64bit please Regards Rex
  5. RexGrant

    FS Commander help required Please.

    Thank you Regards Rex
  6. Thank you Rupert. I was lookinh for one like FS navigator that I can follow my flight also transit airfield and on FS navigator When flying and not been followed I can just click go to on Regards Rex.
  7. Hi Bert Thank you for the link for littlemap, It will require a little more the what is left of the sponge I now call a brain🙃 to work out the install Regards Rex.
  8. Thank you VP49 I will look into plan G. Regrads Rex
  9. Hi airernie When i started FS I use FS navigator ,But that will not work om win7 pro 64bit. Thank you for your reply
  10. Hi Adrian I downloaded and paid them but didnot get a moveing map i got some sort of offer to leard programing. Regards Rex
  11. RexGrant

    Back after ten years

    Thank you for you welcome back Regards Rex
  12. I am sorry for picking your brains again. :blush: But I would like to run Rex Soft clouds. will it run with my scenery and airports . I dont to how to link to my profile were you can see my Scenery I have tried to read the reports on here.(But my problem) As soon as I have read one line I have forgot what I have read. dammed dementia Best regads Rex.
  13. Hi all I have amazed myself ,What with the help of AVSIM members I have recalled most of my past knowlage of Microsoft Flight Simulator but the part of my brain that lets me lern new ways is out of reach. I can fly the small planes useing Microsoft flight planners on ILS and free flight following.But my downloaded focker as got me beat. I can not Set it up for use on my PC it is loaded into FSX airplanes and can load it in Current Aircraft But no way can I understand how to set it up for a flight.Load the diferent windows in the cabin. I have realy tried, but I just can not cope with all the brain just wont accept them into my memory. But once they are set up I can still remember how I used to Fly Project Focker in FS2004. Can I pay for a FSX expert to enter my PC with team Viewer and set it up for me. Best regards Rex.
  14. Hi Bought /installed and very nice result at the monent.
  15. Hi again yes it came with lots of things to do and setup as you say . If there is one thing I have lernt with age and my problems is patience,and the ability to accept mental defeat with grace regards and thank you Rex
  16. Hi charlie It is Flight 1 focker that is recomended on AVSIM Link:- I am now running FSX in Direct X9 Regards Rex.
  17. RexGrant

    An old bug came back to get me

    Thank you for you reply The next time it happens I will try it Regards Rex
  18. the flight Low altuide ILS from Bristol EGGD to London City EGLC Aircraft FSX Gold Beach Barron 58 fsx real weather change every 15 minutes.around 50minutes into the flight Just after been given my ILS vectors runway ect I was told I was 300 above the required altitude and was given my altiuude reading when I tried to change the setting It had stoped working and could not expedite my altitude. Well you all know what happens when you disobay. I shut down and made a cup of good Yourkshire tea. Please tell me is there anything I could have done to save the Flight. &@($* this used to be an ocasional problem with the fist barron 58 in FSX not the later model I am now useing in FSX Gold. Best Regards Rex
  19. RexGrant

    An old bug came back to get me

    Sorry the Altmeter calibration knob it stoped responding so I could not expedite my altitude to the given hight while flying on real world weather and constant changes of the altemeter. Regards Rex :blush:
  20. Hi all As I only Fly around the UK usually below 3,000ft so eye candy is very important to me. but back in the days when i used to use FS2002/4/and FSX I seem to remember there was a way to cut down on the Terrain data load time . Although it only takes about 15 seconds It would be nice to speed it up. Is it posible in windows 7 64bit or would you recomend me to be more patient :blush: Regards Rex.
  21. Hi P Yes I have been doing that when I was useing Plan-G Map. but now I have got FS Tramp and the fly to here app I have got used to sitting back and flying all over the south of the UK visting places I used to Pitch my tent and twitch as In Birdwatching :blush: I visited Sky a few days ago and flew over the mountan I ticked off the Golden eagle and flew along the sea cliffs I tick the Sea eagle. FSX as more to offer than than people who dont use Flight Simulator realise. Most people when you say your pc hoggy is simulating Flying an aicraft they think it is just a boys toy arcade game Utill you sit them down with Piper J3 Cub explain a few basics put their hand on the throttle contol and their other on the joy stick and say off you go giving them instuction. Regards Rex.
  22. Thank you all very much,you have just actvated the redundant memory cells in my brain and all now is clear. I will try out A few but may leave it alone as I hope to get to grips with the Flightone Focker 100 soon then I will be going aloft :smile: All the best Rex
  23. Hi all Well finaly back in the air with FSX Gold Sim set on DX9 and I have purchased my Focker100/70 from Flight one. Even though I used to fly project focker in FS2004 I have many things to recall into my gray matter before take off will be attemted. No problems with the Beech barren58 All ILS flights are working well and my site seeing free flights and manual landing are now back up to an accepable level. I am currenty useing Plan-C v3.11 for my moveing map, But with a slow to react brain these days I can get confused on my approch. When I used FS Navigator I used an app that said Fly to here and clicked on the destination and off I went. Could any member who uses SSTramp please tell me,does it have that facility.(fly to here) and has it any faults with FSX. I will realy appreciate your Help again. Rex