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  1. Hi, So earlier today I was flying from KSFO to KLAX and I saw that there was a very small area where the textures are crystal clear and beyond that they are a lower resolution. Any CFG edits or some tweaks that can safely help fix this? this is the link to a screenshot. (If you look closely at the ground textures you can see the point where the textures decrease in resolution.) I am using an acer aspire m5 from 2014. CPU:Intel core i5 4210U @ 1.7 ghz (4 threads) (Boost 2.4) The GPU is the integrated graphics that are available with this cpu. I haven't been able to find anyone who has quite the same problem as me.
  2. So I bought the Reality XP GTN 750 for FSX Steam and I had it working for a day but then something happened and now the screen is just black. I have been through the manual and the this form but I cant seem to find a fix for my issue. I have tried uninstalling every item I had in FSX SE and starting from scratch and it still does not work. I uninstalled GTN as well to include the trainer and then re installed it as well. The addon button in the menu still works but the actual items do not work. Here is my rxpGTN.gau.log 20/03/06 01:45:57.149 03764 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 20/03/06 01:45:57.149 03764 INFO ] and here is my rxpGtnSim.dll.log 20/03/06 02:28:06.652 02540 - ] # rxpGtnSim32.dll version 20/03/06 02:28:06.651 02540 INFO ] 20/03/06 02:28:08.334 02540 ERROR] trainer not found 20/03/06 02:28:08.337 02540 INFO ] installed: 20/03/06 02:28:08.338 02540 INFO ] 6620 nav: C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\ And here is the rxpGTN_menu.dll.log 20/03/06 02:26:23.926 05896 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 20/03/06 02:26:23.930 05896 INFO ] edit panel: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\simobjects\airplanes\Carenado AT45\panel\panel.cfg 20/03/06 02:27:26.631 06092 INFO ] 20/03/06 02:27:26.634 06092 INFO ] edit panel: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\simobjects\airplanes\Carenado AT45\panel\panel.cfg 20/03/06 02:28:05.135 17372 INFO ] 20/03/06 02:28:05.137 17372 INFO ] edit panel: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\simobjects\airplanes\Carenado AT45\panel\panel.cfg 20/03/06 02:28:34.171 00400 INFO ] 20/03/06 02:28:34.172 00400 INFO ] edit panel: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\simobjects\airplanes\Carenado AT45\panel\panel.cfg
  3. Glad to join the community! I have only started using a flight simulator this year, so my question may seem a little naiive. But here goes..... Just wondering if others have seen this issue, and any advice that could be offered. I have the T.Flight Hotas 4 Joystick which I have been using on FSX (Steam Edition) on Windows 10. I just purchased the TFRP Rudder Pedals, which I have plugged into the joystick with the RJ12 connector, as directed in the manual. When using FSX, the rudder pedals work fine and actuate the rudder on the aircraft properly, but I do not get toe brakes to do anything on either pedal. The switch on the front of the joystick continues to operate the brakes, however. I tried it on both the Cessna 172 Skyhawk and the Mooney Bravo. I looked through the settings in FSX, but couldn't see anything that would activate the toe brakes. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi guys my computer is running on windows 7, i know its old and i might uppgrade to windows 10. I had a Microsoft flight sim many years ago Now i would like to have a simulator where both VFR and IFR procedures can be trained at airports in the US. I would like to have the Cessna Citation in the simulator, the version with the glass cockpit. What version of Microsoft simulator should I use, or what other simulator would be good. Where to buy it. Thankful for any help here Howswede
  5. My Name is Asiimov, and I'm trying to learn how to paint aircraft in FSX, I'm planning on turning this design (Yes I know some spots are white when they shouldn't, it was my first ever blueprint design): Into an Actual Plane I can Fly in FSX!
  6. Hi guys. I registered early this morning. I have a few flight sims, but I am actually more of a space sim nut. But I have stopped waiting for Star Citizen. Long ago! Hah. Seems like a vibrant community. I will enjoy poking around... Cheers, Hudson
  7. I am new to the forums so hope I have the correct one have been using FSX (not steam version) on my desktop for many years but have lost the ability to take off! I proceeded down the runway, flaps at 5 degrees, lift off at 140 knots, lift gear and climb at a steady rate my joystick sometimes allows me to control the rate of pitch but when I engage the autopilot for the preset altimeter with a reasonable feet per minute setting the nose of the plane goes virtually upright before spiralling out of control and crashes to the ground sometimes just after take off the joystick does not allow me to control the pitch and the nose of the plane goes virtually upright before spiralling out of control and crashes to the ground have looked at many airliner take off tutorials but can’t see what I am doing wrong is there an auto take off feature I can use to get and stay in the air appreciate any help
  8. Hello, I would be grateful if someone can help me to find the LINDA Module for Airbus Extended (FSX), I have been searching but I can't find the module 2.4 you have posted. I am trying to use the saitek multipanel, I bought spadnext, I tried Linda but I didn't succeed. Can you please help on this topic? thank you in advance for your support. Said
  9. Hello just started to use flight sims hoping to learn a few things here happygus
  10. Hi, I'm Ham. I've been flying since MSFS's creation on and off and i'm with Delta Virtual. It's great to be here, I've acquired many aircraft from the library over the years, thanks for that. Other than to say hello, i am seeking help with a FSX display issue and i'm really not sure where to go in the forum. I do not think it's a hardware issue. But i finally (reluctantly) moved into a Windows 10 environment, and the only problem i'm having is when i hit W and change the view, if i try to open the GPS it opens for 1 second and then it disappears along with the gauges. On any aircraft. I do remember this happening occasionally in the past with certain add on aircraft on my old setup(Win XP and Win7) ...but for most it worked fine. It seems like it's related to Windows 10.I tried changing 2D / 3D and many other display settings but no luck so far.I have a 1gb PCIE card, driver is current. Same card i used on my Win7 machine. No other display issues. Any thoughts or ideas?
  11. I have a i7 7700k not clocked and 32gb of ram at 2134mgz and 1060 3gb. Do I need to upgrade to another card I'm max out on settings and the screen flutters when I pan to left and right. Also when ASN download new weather FSX loads the scenery and textures with the window coming up In mid flight ...
  12. Hi all. I'm a new guy. I know how to fly planes, but don't yet understand how to do so in FSX. I'd like to get familiar with the 737 NG, so installed FSX/SE, the Los Angeles scenery pack available through Steam, and also installed PMDG's 737NGX 800/900 Base Package. As I try to figure this out, any chance somebody could confirm that the person who posted this YouTube video was also using EZDOK, and the ability to easily look around the cockpit as shown in this video (starting at time 2:40) is not part of the software I've purchased? Many thanks!
  13. Hi their everyone new to the forums but not to simulators though admittedly my main forte is train sims other then flight.(still got my old MSTS CD floating around somewhere). To tell the truth I have kinda lurked around a bit before but what made me finally join is I have a CTD involving FSX that I can't find anyone else having before(unless Google just isn't giving me good links) Though don't know if asking for help here is OK or wait until I can post it to the CTD forum. Anyways I think i've started to ramble so I shall take me leave for now and hope y'all have a good day.
  14. Seems like a long running problem. Running FSX SE with PMDG 737. Sometimes, with no apparent pattern, cursor no longer changes to a hand to control knobs, switches, etc.. Can sometimes get it to come back via view changes, zoom changes, etc., other times not. Any fixes or known "don't do's" to keep it from happening?
  15. The home screen appears, does the index of scenarios, then makes the bases of the new scenarios. Then a Windows message appears that says "Serious Error Windows will restart the program". Restart the program and the same sequence occurs and a message appears that says "Serious Error, windows will close the program" and effectively when accepting the program is closed. I already did the test to start FSX under the problem of compatibility starting FSX in W7 or XP, but the same, the problem persists.
  16. Hi, I'm looking to get a good PC to be able to run FSX smoothly with some addons, will these specs be good enough; Processor: AMD Athlon X4 880K 4GHz (4.4GHz Overclock, 4 cores) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Memory: 16GB of DDR3 Memory running at 1600MHz Storage: 1TB Hard Drive Power 500W Thanks
  17. Hello guys (copied this text from steamcommunity, no answers there..please help) Now I bought fsx steam edition after having a unwanted break from fsx in about 6 years, back in the days when I fly IFR, I was used to have the option Request Flight Following when I´m middle of atlantic or flying through Europe or elsewhere. Now I just have the radio contact with ground, tower, approach and departure frequencies. I cannot land IFR, although I filed on my flight plan to do so, how do I fix it and do ATC Centers stopped automatically pop up on ATC window? I have not downloaded any ATC add ons whatsoever, and when I have Flight Following from different approach frequencies I fly over, they dont say I should go over to another center or approach to continue the Following. I do get handoffs from tower, ground, approach and departure, but none of them to the Center. So I´can't change my flight plan airborne or request flight following, so I´am all by myself when flying long haul flights. Can you help? Greetings Joorut
  18. Hi All New to flight simming I have installed FSX steam edition, just having a click on things and looking around and what it involves. Looks like a hobby that might be having very late nights. I have downloaded one aircraft the alabeo DA40 FSX/P3D and the install was okay no issues. Silly question sorry I am not very good with computers, I work in the health industry. I ran the installer and installed several folders to the desktop....Alabeo DA40, Sound, Gauges, Font, Effects. The Alabeo goes in the sim objects Airplanes I'm assuming. Where am I putting the other folders/files? Look forward to reading the posts here.
  19. Hi I am Bruce66 I have been flight simming in various platforms for many years from back in the day when we were dealing with wire frame and tiny little joysticks if you were lucky enough to have one at all. I have browsed this site many times and thought it was about time I joined in. I now fly FSX SE almost exclusively and Am exclusively an offline virtual pilot. I am using what most people would likely consider obsolete computer equipment except for my Thrustmaster Warthog flight controller and Siatek pedals. But I make it work and enjoy the flight sim experience. I look forward to delving deeper into this site and meeting some of you on the forums.
  20. I purchased the PMDG B-747 Basic package for FSX thinking I could buy the FSX software to run it online. Where is it for sale on DVD? I found a 10G dowload at Steam, but does this require you to be online to use it? I would gladly pay the $26 if it can be used offline. I used a really early version of PMDG that ran with FS2000 Professional about ten years ago, but doubt this would work today. Can anyone help me buy an FSX package on DVD or download to get me stared? PS. As a retired UAL pilot, I found running PC Simulations of aircraft I flew on the line, a great help in holding off cognitive decline that can start even before retirement. If this happens before retirement, the sims can tell you that it might be a good idea to retire early or spend more time flying sims like PMDG to stay current. Thanks to software like this, I know more about the FMS now, than I did when I actually flew the airplane. I would have killed to have the chance then to practice for flight checks and recurrent training that is available now through this type of technology. Tom Wright
  21. Back in the mid 2000s I remember being a member on this forum. However, since then life intervened and I got totally away from PC simming (both car racing and flight). Now, I want to get back into some light flight simming and I have a couple of questions (since much has changed in the intervening years): 1. My main interest in flight simming is "Virtual tourism". IOW, I like to view scenery that I'll never see in real life. So, I guess my priorities are graphic/visuals over realism. What currently available flight sim would be most appropriate for me? 2. I still have my original DVD's for FSX but, unfortunately, one is scratched quite badly and is no longer readable. So - if FSX is still a good choice for me, I see that "Steam" has a sale on it right now. Is that a good alternative and is it the same thing as the retail disk version? Can it accept patches and 3rd party scenery and planes, etc just like the retail disk version? FWIW - my PC is brand new. Specs are i5, 8 Gigs Ram, Nvidia 3Gig videocard - but it is Windows 10. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  22. Pleasure to meet everyone. Hope your weekends were full of virtual skies. Just reaching out to say hi and introduce. My name is Dan, and I hail (currently) from Maryland. I'm rocking FSX on my i5 laptop. I use it to keep myself in the skies since my pockets are too deep these days as they were when I had enough to fly an actual 172. I'm looking forward to reading posts and learning more about the sim world. Cheers!
  23. As I mentioned in another post, I'm returning to simming after a period away and I've forgotten some things. I'm rebuilding my FSX world from scratch and starting to fly again. As a Toposim Galaxy Member from waaaaay back, I have ~50GB of mesh covering the entire world. I've also got Ultimate Terrain v2 for various regions of the world. I've forgotten the performance effect(s) of activating ALL the mesh or sceneries installed in the Scenery Library globally versus activating only areas where I'm flying. Could someone remind or advise me about the relevant considerations and performance effects relating to this? I vaguely remember using batch files to swap out scenery.cfg files when I used FS9 but don't remember if I did that with FSX. Thanks.
  24. I'm just saying hello to everyone and i'm really glad to join this community!. I'm really new to flying and i would like to learn to how to fly. The reason that i wanted to learn flying because i really enjoy flights and i just love seeing things from above. I'm planning to take a pilot certificate later on after i finish my studies but for now i thing i just want to learn in FSX and have a great simulated flight. Thank you!
  25. Hi, my name is Marco, from Italy. I'm a flight simulator enthusiast (since MS Flight Simulator 5.0, currently FSX), but I'm always been discontinuous with it (bad pc configuration, bad joystick....). The announcement of the new MS Flight Simulator ignited the spark again but this time I want to do everything properly in order to fully exploit the potential of the simulator. Marco
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