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  1. For those who are thinking of buying the Saitek Switch Panel. I recently purchased a Saitek switch panel to add to my Saitek Yoke and pedals (and Quadrant) On the official Saitek web site they state it works with X-Plane, but don't make clear it needs a plugin, nor exactly where to get it. It does not come on the outdated software disk that comes with the product, only FSX support there !. I eventually found the plugins on the Saitek site Sadly, the link on the Saitek web site to the plugins was not working and did not get fixed even though I checked it daily. As there was no support link for Australia, I contacted the local distributor. They explained that they do not provide support just distribute the product. However they did make the effort (nice guy called Daniel) to get the link working, by contacting Saitek support person they knew, even though it was the weekend ! In the meantime I tried the plugin on x-plane.org, http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=14646 as it seemed more comprehensive and more up to date. However, it was a complex procedure and I could not get it working properly on too many aircraft. Probably due to my limited experience with both X-plane and plugins in general. It does seem to be more comprehensive than the official plugin, might be worth trying if you have the skills to get it working. Eventually, I did get the official plugin here http://www.saitek.com/uk/down/drivers.php. I have found it is simple and required little setup effort. It supports most aircraft, with some minor differences between single and multi engine versions, but overall works great. I recommend the official plugin as it just works well without adjustment effort, if you are of limited skillset like me, but the X-Plane.org version can handle more panels and variations than the official version. Hope this helps others get past the issues I had. Colin R
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