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  1. andresico

    FTX central V3 and insertion point

    Thanks a million both of you. I will have a close look. So after all, it was me being blind. Not the first time. :-)
  2. Hi After having moved my orbx products with FTX central 3, I discovered that it had placed all orbx entries on top of everything. I looked around for an insertion tool so that I could place ORBX where I want it (below some other addons) But didnt find any ways of doing so. So, am I blind or has it been left out? I had an old version of FTX central 2 that I could use for setting the insertion point, but I dont know how long that will be possible. FTX central 3 changes the insertion point with every install.
  3. There is a LOT of good quality freeware NZ scenery available for FS2004 Go to and seach for New Zealand or for Lawrie Roche. The first gave me 130 entries and the second 84.. Open your eyes and you´ll see.
  4. andresico

    Spiky ailerons

    So, an update. I tried the spray and nothing changed. After some testing I found out that not all aircraft were equally spiky. Some were horrible and others were almost normal. So I downloaded and installed my FSX Steam that I hadnt used for a while and...... No problems there. All aircraft perfectly smooth. So P3Dv3.1 is now deleted. I might try another timein the future, but I find it enough to keep 1 sim running well. Besides, this was just another P3D issue and I´m kind tired of Loockheed Martin. Their constant updates are annoying. (every 3month is far out!) Not only personally but also in general. All devellopers have to make patches all time which makes develloping new software slower. Besides P3D doesnt handle high quality photoscenery very well. The tendency to get blurries is a lot higher than in FSX-SE. And now this controller issue.
  5. andresico

    Spiky ailerons

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I will get some contact cleaner and give it a try. :smile: I fully understand what you say about the Saitek Cessna Yoke. I think its a crap piece of hardware the way it comes. I couldnt fly with it, so day one I opened it, took out the springs and changed for rubberbands. The deadzone with the springs is way to strong and it makes landings and approaches totally unrealistic. When the yoke one day doesnt work anymore, i wont buy another, but get a nice joystick.
  6. Hi My ailerons are going spiky . You can se the aircraft bank in small spiky movements. My yoke is a Saitek Pro flight. 1.5 years old. I have done the following: Calibrating my yoke, tried all kinds of sensitivity and deadzone settings, fiddled with FSUIPC. Its hasnt changed anything. Also, when in the VC the AC yoke is like very nervous. I dont know the proper english word, but its like not moving in a smoothe way, but ¿jittereing, zittering? :-) Any suggestions ?
  7. andresico

    Spiky ailerons

    Hi My ailerons are going spiky . You can se the aircraft bank in small spiky movements. My yoke is a Saitek Pro flight. 1.5 years old. I have done the following: Calibrating my yoke, tried all kinds of sensitivity and deadzone settings, fiddled with FSUIPC. Its hasnt changed anything. Any suggestions ?
  8. Hi, I just bought the Fairchild 24 the other day. It looks awesome and has a very nice feel over it, BUT I have a problem. I have no electricity, the avionics go out after a few minuts. The checklist says to turn Generator ON. But i cant find any generator button anywhere. I have tried starting manually and with Ctrl+E and it happens using both ways. the chraging gauge is in red and says 7,5 volts or something like that. I have read the manual, the checklist and I have seen the youtube walkaround. I have the Fairchild 24 installed in P3D 2.5 So for now, the Fairchild is grounded. I hope someone here has a solution, so that I can start enjoying this pretty little bird. Andrés
  9. andresico

    MU-2 ILS problems

    Ok, I´ll give an example. My last try to make a ILS approach was: following the gps flightplan to EKCH. Autopilot on NAV and ALT, radios set to the ILS, course set on the HSI. Altitude 2000ft AGL (which is well below the glideslope. Speed 130, flaps 1. The localizer was captured, but the glideslope no! This approach I´ve done many times in other AC without any problems. I have also tried the MU, same approach, but approaching the ILS with VORLOC and altitude set. Same result. I´ve tried different speeds etc. Same result. I would really appreciate some help.
  10. andresico

    MU-2 ILS problems

    Hi, I hope someone will be able to help me with this. I basically cant make a decent ILS approach using the autopilot APR button. Its very confusing because its the first time I´ve had this problem with an AC and I´ve made hundreds of ILS approaches over the years with all kinds of AC from GA, over turboprops to tubes. The Duke, the PMDG JS41, the Ifly 737 just to name a few. Untill this AC addon, ILS approach has been something completely standard and easy. I´m so confused with this one that I hardly know where to begin and what to ask. So what can the MU-2 do and what cant it do. The manual doesnt help much. It only says NAV mode only. Could someone from flysimware or someone else who has made a lot of ILS approaches in this specific plane explain to me exactly what it means and how to do it? Thanks in advance Andrés
  11. Why all this autolanding.? You are loosing the most interesting part of flightsimming: Manual landing.
  12. andresico

    Correct procedure to capture altitude

    I do as Raimie and it works. But, the ias mode doesnt always hold the speed that the AC had when pressing the button. Also appr is a bit so so. I´ve done some 10 autopilot approaches so far and its by far the most stable experience. It tends to wobble up and down to much and sometimes I have to disable it. I thought it was me going to fast, but no, its much more general. In general, compared to good quality jet addons and even the Carenado B1900 the autopilot on the MU is not really up to the same level. Its not a big issue because the AC is a nice handflyer.
  13. no, because as I have stated, the problem is not the MU-2 install. Its all installs i have tried. As I already have written, I have tried installing the popup gauge into the default C172 and I get only a black screen, And its not because of lack of VC++ etc. Besides, I have the exact same problems in P3Dv2.5 with different AC. I dont want to sound negative. I highly appreciate that you have made a freeware gauge, but it doesnt help 1 second when you say that you have 500 happy users of the gauge. It never helps.
  14. andresico

    Weather Radar for FSX:SE / P3D

    Wel, I have given up. Its been hours of tweaking and I cant make it work. I have even tried installing it as a simple popup in the C172 and all I get is a black screen. I´m VERY tired of this Radar gauge And yes, I have the VC++2013 x86 installed and have had them all the time.
  15. I deleted one of the VC++2013 x86, so that I now only have one. Now I can load the default c172 with the popup gauge, but the gauge is empty or black, The mouse pointer changes when moving over the screen, but it stays black. So, this means that after some hours or tweaking and reading, I´m back to where I started. So with respect of simconnect dll: do you have FSX-steam installed? When it comes to simconnect its a different story and the general consensus if you search google is that the 3 extra simconnect.dll that are in a fsx-se folder should be installed and not only because of JS41, but because of many addons not showing up. Also, I belive to remember that in FSX box, you end up with 3 or 4 different simconnect.dll installed if you start from FSX box, then sp1, the sp2, the acceleration. I give up for now. To much tweaking without results drains me out. I need to use the sim now and not tweak it for a while.