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  1. Not sure what's going on with this issue, but your pta is the only software that does this on my system. I couldn't even turn off the built in win10 protection to download it, windows won't let me. I worked around by downloading on a mac and installing it via thumbdrive, but sure enough 3 days later windows attacks and removes it as malicious. So I guess I'll just use REX EF and Tomato shade from here on out.
  2. I have this exact problem and have done the right click run as admin but it still activates with errors, any suggestions ? Using the latest 2.66 version.
  3. ^Same here.... this is absolutely unacceptable. I can't even download software I paid for. I'll tolerate this for freeware...but really.... for payware shader sweet this is not going to fly moving forward..... handle it.....this should be a priority!
  4. Any chance you could allow owners of non 64 bit fs2crew apply thier 5euro discount ontop of the 30% off spring sale ? It makes no sense for me to have a 5euro off coupon when the 30% off spring sale gets me 10euros off. I'm sure this sounds outrageous to you, but what real incentive do I get to buy your product again for 64bit, 5euros off is kinda a joke. Atleast adding it to the spring sale would make it worth while. That would make a nice gesture towards past consumers with a double coupon totalling 35% off.
  5. I have another vote for the TFDI B717 in MCE. This aircraft is coming along with new updates as well as it now works in P3Dv4, thus increasing the popularity.
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