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  1. OK, now I know what exactly the problem is ... Artificial light doesn't illuminate my aircraft (and AI aircraft). I'm looking for a solution. Please, help me.
  2. Thank you for reply. I've never used URP. I restored reflection profiles (back to default) in Reflection Maker. I used default ShadersHLSL and deleted Shaders in AppData/Local. I tried many airports and aircrafts (default models, my PMDG 777, AI traffic). The result is still the same as posted above regardless of using or not using tomatoshader / PTA. Totally black textures of all aircrafts in all settings. I set HDR Brightness 2 and aircrafts are also black, but now I can see some paint details Please, help. Edit: I completely uninstalled my P3D, deleted all related files (AppData, Roaming, Local, Documents, Regedit). I installed P3D 4.5, set night, default F-22 and KJFK. The result bellow (all default settings). As I remember, I always got the issue. This is a reason, why I never fly at night: After performed a new installation of P3D, the old problem is back. Using any shader (PTA, Tomato) results black screen and no aircraft in preview (as in the screen in the first post of this topic).
  3. Eureka! I successfully installed tomatoshade with reflection profiles. Solution: I installed P3D v4.5 on my laptop and than copied all instalation files form P3D main folder. Probably an addon changed some settings as a result shaders didn't work. Now aircrafts are not black during the day and tomato shade works well. However... I still don't see my aircraft during a night.... HELP!
  4. I've used shaders, because the dark textures issue. I'm just looking for the solution for the problem. Now I can't fly during a night :(
  5. Dear All, I got very dark textures of my aircraft and AI traffic during a night: . 1. I tried solve the problem using the reflection profiles. The result: I installed different profiles (R&D, default), as well as I tried P3D v4.3 and 4.4. I conducted clean instalation of Windows 10 64bit and P3D v4.5. Always the same problem. My P3D settings is copied from live-cocpits (dynamic lights is on). 2. I restored default shaders. Everything looked good. Than I used Tomatoshade, version 26, 27, 28... profiles from R&D, default bright and many others. Always the same result - completly black screen, no world, no scenery and no aircraft, even in the preview (photo bellow): 3. I used PTA v2.65 (and earlier versions). Everything works, but it hasn't solved my issue with dark textures during a night. Please, help me! Why I can't use Tomatos shade? Any idea? GTX1080 and the last driver. Regards, Patrick
  6. I unistalled P3D and installed v4.4 from scratch - still the same problem. I installed P3D v4.4 on my laptop - no problem with tomato shade! I have Win10 Pro 64bit and GTX1080, last driver. Any idea?
  7. Hello, I installed the last version of Tomato Shade and followed the instruction from youtube videos. I used many different presets (e.g. R&D presets and PMDG 777 profiles). The effect is always the same. I don't see preview of any aircraft in sim start menu (screen: https://i.redd.it/3v7d8ld2kbp21.jpg). In the sim the screen is black and nothing happend. P3D returned to normal after restore original shaders. Please, help. Regards, Patrick
  8. Nowhere :-)) I've read some topics and websites about new P3D v4. I started flying ten years ago, but I prefer fly rather than writing on forum.
  9. I will try TomatoShade & ReShade + Presets for PMDG 777 and clouds. More about it here:
  10. @FalconAF Important notes about tweaks and shaders, thanks Rick. I will read more about it. I fly on full HD projector (100" screen). It looks great and I don't need 4K resolution now. I have AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and M.2 disk (work good). I'm considering to upgrade my graphic card (GTX 1060 -> 1080) and buy more RAM (I got only 8 GB, 3200MHz now). Black friday is soon 🙂 I've decided that my weather engine will be Active Sky (I'm buying upgrade, I have ASN for FSX). Now I'm choosing between REX Sky Force or ASCA. Best regards, Patrick
  11. voxATC sounds great! I will try the trial version. Thanks. New FSPassangers for P3D4 should be before Christmass. I will wait. So the last question... best clouds & sky & stars & sun & moon working with Active Sky... I'm still reading about it but it seems REX has bigger performance impact than HiFi products + Envtex.
  12. Thanks for comments. I had good set of addons in my FSX, so today I can't imagine my simulator without active jetways, a ground service, fs2crew and AI traffic. I can't imagine flight planning without PFPX and Active Sky intergrated with PMDG and PFPX. Now, moving to P3D4, I would like to improve visual effects, so I will buy ORBX and better colouds, sky, moon, lights ect. I'm sure that I don't need extra aircrafts, because I fly only 777-300ER. I don't need HD trees because it won't be visible from B777. ect. OK, my questions are: 1. REX Sky Force 3D + PTA + tomatoshade? or/and ENVTEX?? or ASCA? and or ??? I'm confused... Help! 2. I used to use FSPassangers. Cabin crew voices, passangers satisfacion index and fears during turbulence without sit belt sign on, delays and landing rate... Any alternative for P3D4? Any integraton with GSX Level 2 Expansion (boarding)? 3. Is it any good ATC (SID, STAR) working with AI traffic? Have a nice day, Patrick,
  13. Thank you all. @simbol thx; UTL will be my choise; @downscc check https://www.rdpresets.com/rd-pta-preset.html photos looks amazing, truely realistic, I would like to achieve the level of simulation @Simicro welcome aboard 🙂 sky in HDR really looks good, but inside of the cabin looks strange; however rdpresets is working on PMDG 777 LCD Enhancement so I'm waiting for the results; I think, I don't need better trees because I prefer heavy aricrafts (much more bigger then trees :) It seems PTA works good with REX, ENVTEX works good with ASCA... so I'm also confused.
  14. Hello! After three years long break, I'm going back to fly on PC's simulator. I'm a virtual (off-line, not vastim) pilot of PMDG B777 flying for Emirates Airlines. My hub is FlyTampa-Dubai Rebooted. I fly according to the real-world schedule. As I see, P3D4 looks amazing (much more better than my old FSX). I would like to compose the best set of addons for my style of flying. Please, advise me, because I'm a little bit confused. What I need? what is unnecessary? Bellow my ideas and second thoughts: 1. Base: P3D v4 + FSUIPC5 2. Land: - FS Global Ultimate; - ORBX FTX Global Base + Vector + OpenLC Europe + N. America + Australia; - sceneries of airports; Do you recomend something else? 3. Atmosphere: I got Active Sky… but what else? REX Sky Force 3D + PTA + tomatoshade? or/and ENVTEX?? or ASCA? and or ??? I'm confused... Help! Do I need AI Lights Reborn or Drzewiecki grass & snow textures or all is included in the abovemenioned addons? 4. Boeing 777: PMDG + Extension Pack + FS2Crew + 777 Immersion + TSS Sound Pack 5. AI Traffic: MyTraffic 6 or Ultimate Traffic Live or something different? 6. Ground Service X? Is it a good choice? I used to use AES, but it isn't for P3D4. 7. I used to use FSPassangers. I like it. Cabin crew voices, scheudle time and landing rate... Any alternative? Is FSCaptain similar? 8. Is it any good ATC (SID, STAR, taxi) working with AI traffic? 9. Flight Planning: PFPX + TOPCAT (doesn't support 777-300ER??) + Airac Cycle 1811 + ?? Thank you. Best regards, Patrick
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