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  1. has there been any news about the Jetstream 4100? I've been thinking about adding it to my hangar but I don't wanna get it till i can actually fly it
  2. Final countdown, here's to hoping that there is no little snags or hold ups.
  3. As Said before in reply to many people who have asked this question. No, because of how it was made in FSX it is technically impossible for their to be VC shadows yet, and due to this being a bug fix/compatibility update there was no visual or functional changes (except the weather radar) done to the aircraft. If it didn't work before, it still will not work now.
  4. I know this is kind of off topic, but I am having all my pet peeve buttons being pressed by everyone calling Prepar3d Prepare 3D Even Lockheed themselves, the developers, say it is said "Prepared" in other words they were just being slick and changing it to Prepar3d instead of releasing it with the name 'prepared'
  5. I'm a little disappointed, I expected it by monday at the latest yet monday is almost over and there hasn't even been word or update about a snare or problem, I know i know - it'll be done when its done, but i really had my hopes up that their estimated windows would be right this time. Though thats my own fault, I probably should stop refreshing the forum every few minutes in hopes that the update has been released - its driving me batty
  6. If i was to ask, which version of the Dash 8 you got? i suffer from rather bad indecision and looking at the 3 i don't know which one fits a 'casual' sim pilot like myself.
  7. Awesome! I wanted that aircraft but i was holding back because there wasn't a single reference or mention of steam edition compatibility
  8. I'm still hopeful, though i am pretty sure i have my hopes up and gunna be heavily disappointed by the end of the day, its still only <Insert time here> I have to keep telling myself, and reminding that these guys don't run on the same kind of schedule that normal businesses do. As much as i think they deserve the break, I find myself kind of being selfish and hoping they didn't take the 'take the weekend off' people seriously, i mean - there really isn't any replacement for the NGX, I've looked at a few that already do work with Steam edition and well... really none can compare to it - so i just hope it really does come out either today or tomorrow
  9. as do i - already seen a few people jumping the gun and asking for patchlogs and the such
  10. Never said anything about the module itself, just saying that it may not be playing nice with the NGX's coding due to the NGX's age.
  11. Probably has something to do with "Not everyone is getting into Prepar3d and we still have a very large customer base in FSX and FSX:SE that we have no plans of abandoning them or the platform and just say they are SOL and need to buy another game and their favored aircraft again" I could be wrong, its just a hunch.
  12. Never claimed to be a programer, though i don't see how with a little tweaking and working with it a very similar system wouldn't fix the NGX, which is why i think that the big hold up is the weather radar not playing nice.
  13. Didn't have a problem with the T7 - been flying it but getting a bit sick of the trans-oceanic flights, i wanna do something alittle more local but because i try to be realistic using the T7 for that would be wasteful so i am waiting as patiently as i can be for the NGX to come out, which is my biggest question, the aircraft loads fine into Steam edition - why not just use the same system patched into the T7 for steam edition compatibility to make the NGX work with it, it seems that its just having a problem with the activation window not popping up when you go to load the game.
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