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  1. Domobaby

    Core and AM info in 3.4

    Currently on HT ON, AM = 116. With addons on Core 0. If I move to AM = 85 how do I go about shifting ASN to Core 2 or 3? Just change it in the task manager? I currently start it from a batch file but I can't work out what the correct code should be.
  2. I renamed the cfg I that got replaced. I went back to my previous version (non default) and everything works fine. Something was obviously missing from it.
  3. Hi all, I deleted the p3d.cfg to let the sim rebuild a default one. When I load up my Aersoft Airbus after about 1 minute all the rotating knobs and button actions stop working. Clicking on the MCDU does not work. I have reinstalled the Airbus but this has not changed anything. Any ideas?
  4. FYI I did some testing at the weekend. I had blurry textures with 4790k/HT On/AM 116. Performance was very good but blurred ground textures...noticeably blurred. I turned HT Off and removed the AM from P3D.cfg. Blurred textures have disappeared but I have lost FPS smoothness in the sim. I will dial back some settings to mitigate this. So there is no doubt HT On and a suitable AM will improve FPS performance. This definitely has an impact on my ground textures with my 4790k though. Following what you have said I may revert back to my original settings and test the scenery complexity slider in 3.3.5.
  5. Domobaby

    My "sweet spot": PC/P3D settings

    That would make sense then. Thanks! It's only ever the ground textures.
  6. Domobaby

    My "sweet spot": PC/P3D settings

    I remember the big thread on this before. I may try FXAA and MSAA in sim to see what it looks like. But your monitor is much better than mine. Affinity Mask From Steve's big thread previously I started running AM=116 in P3D with a 4790k. I then have a batch file to start ASN on perhaps AM=85 I can't remember. Things have been pretty good. My textures take a while to transition from blurry to sharp if I pan around in spot view sometimes. Not sure if that has anything to do with HT being ON
  7. Domobaby

    Aerosoft Airbus + FSUIPC + Cargo Doors

    I can confirm that FSUIPC.dll was only referenced in the app data location
  8. Domobaby

    Aerosoft Airbus + FSUIPC + Cargo Doors

    I will check later thank you Cargostorm. Playing through my mind was also maybe I should update to 3.3 from 3.2 but I don't think that should change anything. Regards, Dom
  9. Good day to all, I have posted this on the other relevant forums as well, but response time on there is somewhat slower. With FSUIPC 4.955 (Jun 2016) + P3DV3.2 + Aerosoft Airbus X....I cannot open the Cargo Doors. The correct button on the MCDU, it only ever controls the Front Left door. If I delete FSUIPC4.DLL then I can correctly operate the Cargo doors. Does anyone have any idea why this is? I cannot fly without FSUIPC of course. Outstandingly frustrating. Regards, Dom
  10. Domobaby

    Thunderstorms with blue sky?

    As stated above my personal belief is that unless your weather settings are nearly maxed out, the depiction of the METAR from ASN is not neccessarily going to match up. Rain cannot fall directly from a blue sky of course. It's highly likely that the volume of clouds depicted in P3D is lower than reality. ASN might be saying OVC with rain but your only getting FEW/BKN in P3D + rain because your cloud layers or coverage density isn't set appropriately to model OVC layers. Turn everything up to max you will get your cloud coverage and correct depiction of thunderstorms.
  11. Domobaby

    Thunderstorms with blue sky?

    +1 on this. There isn't anything wrong with the weather engine in my opinion. If you were to have a decent lvel of "cloud layers" selected in ASN, plus "high" cloud coverage density in P3D, plus detailed clouds would not have a problem. Max out the weather settings you will get realistic overcast and thunderstorm depiction. But it will absolutely cripple your frames. I am sacrificing weather at the moment to run 4xSGSS, but I may adopt your approach Mike. Regards, Dom
  12. A sunny pushback, start, taxi and departure from Ibiza flying for KLM.
  13. Thanks guys. I'm going to be doing a few more hopefully.
  14. Hand flying starts about 2 min 30 in...
  15. Domobaby


    ASN cannot read the PMDG file type. You need to export it as the .pln type which can be read by FSX for example.